DT Intros and a giveaway to be had…

DT Intros and a giveaway to be had…

Hi to all the Odd Girls of the world! I hope our first challenge yesterday is getting your creative juices flowing! Today and then starting back up on Monday I would like to introduce you all to our lovely Design Team! These girls repeatedly blow me away with their talent, skill and dedication! Its fitting then that each of them get a day to SHINE!

Today is all about my fabby DT Coordinator Leah l’orange!

Getting this bio and answers to some questions that MAY give you an insight into the mind behind creativeness was like pulling teeth! BUT that really just goes to show you how much she cares and helps others and puts herself second. I am overjoyed to call her my friend! she makes me “lullz” and I “lurv” her for that (both Leah terms LOL!) so here is a lil somethin somethin about Leah in her own words…

HI! I’m Leah the Orange, and i am SO excited and honoured to be doing this whole Some Odd Girl thing with my “Holmes”-slice, Kristy! our Odd Girls are amazing, and we hope you’ll have lots of fun with the images and the challenges.

I’m a Canadian import, living in South Jersey (no, they don’t say “JOY-ZEE” here, but they do say “WOOD-ER” for water!), because i married a crazy yank. i don’t miss the Canadian winters, but the SOUP here in the summertime is a little tough to bear.

I’m not an artist, but I’m artsy. I’m not a musician, but i perform music. I’m not almost 36, but i am. i work from home and spend my waking hours on the computer, so when the clock strikes 5, I’d prefer to get CRAFTY over just about everything else! i only know one language fluently, but i speak my own language. i am a foodie, an indie film snob, a cruise director, and a little random at times.

only fitting that I’m an Odd Girl, right?

I know if you haven’t noticed her before that you will be a fan when you go and check out her blog! But don’t go just yet! I asked all our DT members to answer a series of ODD questions to give us a lil bit that you may never get from the typical DT intro session…

What makes you Odd? my quirky mannerisms, daring sense of style, i speak my own language and i HATE bananas!

If you were a thumbtack where would you stick yourself? above the Mona Lisa’s upper lip – i always thought she’d look good with a mole

What ONE crafty item do you most identify with and why? ADHESIVE! I’m often the “glue” that bonds a group together. i can instigate (like when you stick something down and have a hard time repositioning it to get it JUST RIGHT), but I’m usually pretty good at playing the peacemaker – the diplomat – and can manage to put things back together again.

5 Random Facts about you!
~ I’m a ‘business woman’ – sounds so distinguished, right? but I’m a weirdo and it’s a good thing i do business over the phone, because most of my customers wouldn’t take me seriously if they saw me!
~ i seldom wear black.
~ my hair has been every colour of the rainbow.
~ i love to watch foreign films – widescreen and subtitled please! (never fullscreen or dubbed – YUCK!)
~ i know lots of stuff about cars and can usually identify them by the shape or colour. i can change my own oil, too, but i don’t.

If you had to choose between being colour blind or losing your sense of taste for the rest of your life, which would you choose? Why? oh, as a foodie, i could NEVER give up my sense of taste! mouth-watering pink grapefruit? a perfect creme brulee? spicy thai? FRESH SUSHI and bubble tea? mmmmmmmmmmmmm….. i would miss those too much. and most of my crafting isn’t terribly influenced by colour anyway (some would say my combinations are rather, um, unlikely!). somehow I’d convince myself I’d found a way to make the colours work, even if the rest of the world disagreed. 😀

What fictional character is most like you? BUTTERCUP! do you remember the PowerPuff Girls? Buttercup is the FEISTY one, who’s not afraid to do her own thing, and think for herself. she calls it like she sees it, she doesn’t take any crap from anyone, she’s strong-willed but sensitive and VERY GOOD at holding grudges. 😉 she isn’t the “leader of the pack” but she demands that her opinions be heard. SO me.

I love this questionnaire! You can look forward to a WIDE variety of answers and some surprising similarities in the coming days.

NOW I would love for you to jump over to Leah’s blog where she has a giveaway to celebrate all the fun goin on here at the Some Odd Girl Challenge Blog! I’m serious though, be warned, her blog is addictive! Not to mention you can learn some more Leah-speak!

We love you girl! Thank you for being my guinea pig, co-conspirator and friend! MWAH!

Come back on Monday for another intro and another giveaway!


  1. Yeah!! Love my girl, Leah!!!! Very cool DT intro Qs, Kristy!! I loved this and read every bit of it! Can't wait to see what you do here!! Whatever it is, count me in!

  2. You you Leah!! Haha, my hair has been every color of the rainbow too….and at one point in my life, at the same time! Awesome way to jump start the DT guys, just so fun and fresh! Can't wait to see more! LOVE YOU GUYS!

  3. Great to learn more about you Leah!!!

  4. Leah, you are just awesome. Just. Freaking. Awesome. Just say'n. Oh…and I've been totally toying with the idea of adding blue chunks to my hair, but there is one thing preventing it at the moment. After that…I'm totally going to do it. It was inspired by you.

  5. thanks for the sweetness, shoog!! 🙂 and yay! people playing along! you people ROCK in a big way, and i'm so happy to inspire such things as "leah-speak" and blue hair! 😀

  6. As a fellow Canadian import who also married a crazy yank and is living in the next state over from you – I say – HELLO SISTAH!!! 🙂

  7. It's awesome to know a little more about you. I would love to do colors in my hair but it's too dark. Too much effort.

  8. He he – I loved reading about you Leah. You certainly are one odd girl…and I mean that in a very positive way :)I hear ya on the food and I will never EVAH be able to look at the Mona Lisa in the same way…

  9. Whoo hoo Leah! Loved reading your quirky answers. You are indeed fit to be our ODDgirl leader 🙂

  10. well, that answers a few questions now, doesn't it??!!! lol. i knew i like that chick for some reason!

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