Meet Jennifer!

Meet Jennifer!

Welcome back on this beautiful Tuesday for another introduction here at Some Odd Girl 🙂

Today let me introduce you to Jennifer!

I am slowly getting to know my wonderful DT by more than just the applications I received during the DT call and when I got Jen’s ap, I went to her blog and found a lot of things that showed me she was a girl after my own heart! From…

(I LOVED Mario as a kid… ok still!) to…
I knew she was a girl I wanted on my team! Here’s a little about Jen…

Hello my name is Jennifer. I married my high school sweet heart Jacob. We will be married for 14 years this March. We have two Christmas babies: Jennica (11) and Justin (6).

I have a BS in Apparel Merchandising and Management with a focus in Manufacturing. I work part time as a lunch lady just to get out of the house. Eventually, I need to find a full time job because my husband says I need to use my degree. Although, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. LOL!

I enjoy all things crafty from sewing, beading, scrap booking, and my latest passion stamping. I love everything about stamping: the creating, collecting, and buying. Stamping reminds me of when I was younger: coloring, cutting, and pasting were some of my favorite past times. Who said, we had to stop doing that kind of stuff when we’re adults.

See what I mean? A girl after my own heart! She’s been fun to have on the DT and she also got to answer the Odd questions put forward:

What makes you Odd? I don’t know what makes me odd but almost every person I first meet asks if that’s my real voice. So I would say I have an odd voice. (It’s just different.)

If you were a thumbtack where would you stick yourself? If I were a thumbtack, I would be placed on a college campus bulletin board. I want to see a lot of action.

What ONE crafty item do you most identify with and why? I would say scissors. You can create beautiful things with them but you can ruin things too. (For example, my cooking. Most of the time it’s good but sometimes it’s totally wrong. LOL!)

5 Random Facts about you!
1. I live in California.
2. I like to go camping.
3. I have two kids: Jennica and Justin.
4. I love crafting.
5. I married my high school sweetheart.

If you had to choose between being color blind or losing your sense of taste for the rest of your life, which would you choose? Why? I would choose to lose my sense of taste. Maybe then I will lose some weight.

What fictional character is most like you? I don’t read much but I think I would be like Bella from Twilight.

I lullzed at Jen’s answer to the thumbtack question! What a great spot! Welcome to the team Jen – I am thrilled to have you!!! Now, head on over to Jen’s blog where she has another giveaway you could win! Not to mention that you can check out all the fun and be inspired by her creative goodness and flair! This girl has it!

Thanks for stoppin by and join us again tomorrow for another intro, an interesting read and another giveaway!


  1. YAY! hi Jennifer! great to make your long-distance acquaintance, and SO happy you're part of the team! 😀

  2. How fun to read more about Jennifer – and I totally agree about her blog, Kristy. SO SO many things where I am drooling when I see them

  3. great to meet you!

  4. Helloooooo Jen!! So glad to meet you on here! I totally would say Bella too! Gotta head over to your blog and see what's cookin! Hugs!!

  5. Great to read about Jen – what a fun bio. Can't get the link to work for her blog?? Can someone visit me at my place and leave me an active link? Thanks xx

  6. that's odd Karen, its working fine for me. Here's the full URL though just in case

  7. Thanks for that, I think it was a blogger problem, all good now 🙂

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