Say Hi to Marcie!

Say Hi to Marcie!

Welcome back all you Odd people! I hope you are enjoying reading all the fun and interesting tid-bits about the DT. I know I am!!! If you haven’t gotten in on our first Challenge you’re missing out! Go! Look!

Today, give a howdy to Marcie!

This is Marcie’s FIRST Design Team! Can you believe it? I know I couldn’t! The app I received during the call was wonderful! She knows her style and she plays it up! I can’t believe no one has snagged her previously! Don’t believe me? LOOK…

See? Well here’s a lil bit about our Rookie…

I have been papercrafting for about 3 years now, which started out as scrapbooking and now am mostly concentrated in stamping/cardmaking. I love to try new techniques and participate in challenges, and a good sketch is always my starting point for inspiration. Colouring with Copic markers is an area I am having fun exploring currently, and am hoping to become more proficient at. I’m a ‘mostly’ stay at home mom, working part time as a librarian, and keep very busy with my 2 children; 3 year old Jake and 1 year old Robin.

Rookie is a bit of a loose term LOL!!! Marcie was also a good sport and answered our Odd Questions…

What makes you Odd? Oohhhh tough question…honestly, I’m about as normal as they get, but maybe if you ask my friends and family you will get a different answer…haha. Maybe I’m Odd because I’m a young, ‘mostly’ stay at home mom and wife at a time where a lot of women my age work outside the home full-time, and who identifies herself as a feminist…an oxymoron some might think, but to me, feminism is about choices and I choose to stay at home and enjoy the time I have with my kids while they are still small. That’s all I got. 🙂

If you were a thumbtack where would you stick yourself? OUCH!! Why would I do that!!?? 🙂 No seriously, why would I do that? My finger I guess…my eyes are filling with tears as I think of it…I don’t deal well with pain. 🙂

What ONE crafty item do you most identify with and why? Patterned paper. I could get LOST in the patterned paper sections of any crafting store. I have SO much patterned paper it’s disgusting…I hoard it because some pieces are too beautiful and/or awesome to cut up. I just lose myself in the designs that some of these paper companies come up with!

5 Random Facts about you!
1) I have been a Type 1 diabetic for almost 25 years and wear a hot pink insulin pump;
2) I live in a VERY rural town of about 100 or so people whom I have known and loved my entire life- I love small town livin’!;
3) I refer to myself as a ‘work widow’ which is probably not very nice, but my husband travels for business so much that we joke we’ve actually only really been married 4 of the 7 years if you go by how often we see each other;
4) I’m a librarian, and books and literacy are my passion (next to papercrafting!);
5) I have 2 butterfly tattoos on my back and am seriously considering what to get for my 3rd. 🙂

If you had to choose between being colour blind or losing your sense of taste for the rest of your life, which would you choose? Why? I choose being colour blind because to be able to taste is one of the most wonderful senses there is. Can you imagine never again tasting chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream?? Didn’t think so!

What fictional character is most like you? Well, I just LOVE this question seeing as I’m a librarian and read books for a living. 🙂 I’d say Kinsey Millhone from the ‘alphabet’ series by Sue Grafton. (A is for Alibi, etc.) She’s fun, witty, smart and resourceful…I hope I’m those things too!

These questions never get old LOL! Another one where the thumbtack question leaves me lullzing 🙂

Well now that you know a lil something somethin about our Marcie hop on over to her blog where not only can you find a lot of fun but her style is so elegant! I can’t even TRY to pull that style off. She also has another GIVEAWAY for you to get in on if you can tear your eyes away long enough LOL! Go! Look!

but don’t forget to come back tomorrow! 🙂


  1. These are so much fun to read Marcie! I live in "village" of 75 peeps. LOL

  2. Fantastic cards!

  3. TOO funny! LOVE the thumbtack answer – Marcie, you're a riot! looking forward to getting to know you better! and for a first design team, this girl TOTALLY has it goin' on. 🙂

  4. Wow, nice to meet you Marcie. I wouldn't even know what to do in a town of a 100 people. That's tiny. My high school had 5000 students at one point.

  5. You are all too kind. I'm so excited to be on my first design team, and I'm loving everything "Odd". 🙂

  6. You kiddin' me right?? I cannot believe that this is Marci's first DT. I think her stuff ROCKS!!!

  7. Hahahah Marcie you are hilarious! So glad to meet ya!!

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