Howdy Robin!

Howdy Robin!

Another day another intro! I’m so thrilled to have so many wonderful ladies to introduce you to! Even though I want to encourage you to get lost in the festivites I don’t want you to forget to jump back and get in on our first Challenge! Its a fun and easy one!
Today let’s stand up and say howdy to Robin!
Howdy Robin!
I couldn’t resist LOL. Robin is coming to us from good ol Canada! I seem to have a thing for Canadians 🙂 But that aside Robin showed from the get go that she had the skills and the personality to get down with us! When I got her app I had to go right to her blog and here are a couple things that drew me to Robin…
Now that you’ve seen it, you can read a lil about Robin…
I saw the Designer Call for the Some Odd Girl stamps! My name is Robin McKinley, and I live in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, and work downtown Toronto. A little bit about me: well, I am obsessed with paper crafting – especially stamping! I love all things ink and paper, and I especially love colouring! I have worked with digital images before, and am very comfortable with them. I also really enjoy participating in online challenges, so I think that is a really great way to promote the new images! By day, I am a Reservations Supervisor at a prestigious Toronto hotel, and by night, I am a stamping machine. 
I also LOVE to read, and I love animals too. I routinely go to the gym to keep active, and I try to travel as much as possible.
We’ve got Oddies from all walks of life! Robin also answered our Odd Questions…
What makes me odd? Well, let’s see… I have a 4-bedroom house – 3 of the bedrooms have people sleeping in them, and the 4th has my crafts sleeping in it. MY CRAFTS HAVE THEIR OWN HOME. They are a priority – next to my pets ; p I would say most “normal” people consider that odd.
If you were a thumbtack where would you stick yourself? If I was a thumb tack, I suppose I would stick myself in the Human Resources office at work to get some juicy gossip! I was gonna say something about being in a men’s change room for male models, but I thought that might be a tad raunchie, so I went a little lighter.
The crafty item I most identify with? I would have to say it’s one of those edge punches. They are very precise, and formula-oriented. You can line everything up and get a perfect, continuous line of pattern. I love things that are consistent! {a little anal-retentive???}
5 Random Facts:
– I am allergic to cats, but have a whole family of them at my house.
– I went to an arts high school, and majored in vocal music.
– I spent 5 months in New Zealand on an exchange one semester in University (one of the greatest times ever).
– I don`t like to drink water.
– I hold a special place in my heart for chocolate (except hazelnut chocolate), and candy (especialy Skittles).
If you had to choose between being colour blind or losing your sense of taste for the rest of your life, which would you choose? Why? I would rather be colour blind. I just couldn`t part with the taste of a great meal, or a yummy snack – simple as that!
What fictional character is most like you? Well, I am going to stay in the realm of human. Don`t laugh, but I am most like Jerry Seinfeld…realistic, and sarcastic!
Hmmmm I kinda liked the idea about the male models…..
oh… I was posting. WELL. hehe I am thrilled to have Robin on the Team! She’s also got a giveaway for ya to get in on going up on her blog! Head on over and see how you can get your freebie!


  1. Nice to meet you, Robin.

  2. LOVE your style, Robin! so glad you're an Odd Girl, too! 🙂

  3. So glad to know more about you (a fellow Canadian!!).

  4. Those two cards you picked are exactly the ones that made my jaw drop to the floor when I visited Robins blog for the first time. Welcome Robin, it is so great to learn more about you

  5. Robin!! So funny and sparky! LOVE your cards so far and heading to your blog to check it out! So glad to meet you and can't ait to get to know you better following along on Odd girls!

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