Welcome Kim!

Welcome Kim!

What a beautiful day!!! its in the 80s here in Michigan, the birds are goin nuts and Sping seems to be here in force! What a great day to introduce you to a DT member who is on her 2nd official day with us! She joined us to celebrate her birthday and has decided to stick around…

Welcome Kimmy!!!!!

I’m privilaged to work with Kimmy over at ScrapMuse on that fab DT and when she asked about stickin around I was all too happy to bring her aboard! A lil about Kim…

My name is Kim and having been born and bred in Hamburg/Germany, I moved to the United Kingdom in 1999 to live with my boyfriend of 11 years. Having always been a creative,crafty person I seriously started to scrap in December 2004 and my new obsession was born. Not one day goes by when I can not be found in my craft room – I draw inspiration just by keeping my eyes open. It can a be a skirt I see in a shop window, a broken bench,a photo, something funny someone said in the office…as long as I have my notepad with me and jot down ideas that come to my head, I am sure I will never run out of inspiration.

Even though she’s new she’s been hard at work with some Odd goodies!

C’mon, how coupld I NOT keep such wonderfulness around? 🙂 Not to mention if you have ever talked to Kimmy you could tell she’s my kinda girl! As Leah can attest, I have said she and Kimmy are sisters seperated by an ocean LOL. Getting ready for today Kim has answered our Odd Questions too!

What makes you Odd?
Uhm, juss look at me, will ya?? It doesn’t get much odder than me…
But apart from that I guess eating chocolate while drinking beer or wine could qualify as ODD. Having CD’s of Pantera right next to Tchaikovsky could be considered ODD…no?

If you were a thumbtack where would you stick yourself?
Oh please don’t go there – I may say things I shouldn’t…but Id’ probably would want to be stuck in the close proximity of either Vivian Campbell or Johnny Depp

What ONE crafty item do you most identify with and why?
Cardboard – just peel of the first layer and you may be pleasantly surprised of the texture you find underneath

5 Random Facts about you!
My left arm is totally covered in tattoos and I am nowhere near done
I could live of pizza and red wine for the rest of my life
I am pretty darn good at baking cakes and muffins
If you want to terrify me, shove a balloon in my face – I am freakin’ scared of those buggers
I eat minced pork meat raw, when I prepare it to make burgers (I guess I pick the amount of about 1 burger). I know it is supposed to be unhealthy but I am still alive after 40 odd years of eating the stuff…

If you had to choose between being colour blind or losing your sense of taste for the rest of your life, which would you choose? Why?
I could defintely do without the colours but i would not be able to cope without the ability to taste…can you imagine?? The most divine chocolate tasting like…uhm, nothing at all. No more “whhhhhooooaaaaa that is spicy” kinda outcries or “geez, do you really need to go wild with the salt?”
Nah, I can live being colour blind as you will still be able to see the majority of colours anyway

What fictional character is most like you?
Garfield – eat, sleep, be rude: that about sums me up in a nutshell

ok… we have to take a minute for Johnny Depp…


Ok LOL! Back to it… to celebrate the occasion head on over to Kimmy’s Blog and see what she has for ya today! Not only that but Kimmy does wonderful things with not just cards but scrapbook pages too! Much fun to look at!

Come back tomorrow for another fun intro!


  1. Kimmy your answers are odd. Perfect for this team. I loved Johnny Depp since 21 Jump Street. (I know sad huh?) I think I want to be Garfield too.

  2. Ahhh! Kimmy you are awesome!! Can't wait to see more of your creations and get to know you better! I decided I love you for loving red wine like i do:) And Johnny Depp….oh dear Johnny, you make my heart swoon!

  3. He he, got you all with Johnny then, did I??

  4. Kimmy, what a great snippet of oddities. LOL. Love it!

  5. Oh yes, we're definately old school, go 21 Jumpstreet!

  6. I {heart} that card with the robot!!! Fab-ooRobin

  7. you got me with the tattoos! from one INKED gal to another – WELCOME! 🙂 you're gonna rock this spot, girlie.

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