Anniversary Week Challenge – Kids Day!!!

Anniversary Week Challenge – Kids Day!!!

Who here feels like a really big kid when you bust out your coloring sheet and markers or pencils and sit down at your table and spend some time in the land of red, blue and yellow?

ME! and I love it!

C’mon! You do too! The simple and pure fun of coloring can’t be denied. But like we all know, the love grew up with us from the days that we were tiny ourselves. One of the most fun things I’ve seen since starting Some Odd Girl is when the kids get involved in the crafting! Either just coloring and image in full sheet size or making their own lil card. Can you think of anything cuter? Me either šŸ™‚ Here is one my daughter made, notice its a lefty card and she had to write her own name on it lol!

There as been a couple times this past year where my hubby has done a kids coloring contest at work and of course comes to me to provide the coloring sheets. I’m more than happy to help! With the last one that occurred this summer, I got to keep the entries, a great example of todays challenge:

and my last example comes again from my daughter who loves to come and ask me for coloring sheets and she picks her image and I print it for her full page. Its really simple to do! On your PNG or JPEG of the image and right click. On the menu that drops down just select Print and windows print program will bring up your image with size options, just pick the one you want and send it to the printer! Great for when you are trying to color and you child wants to as well.
My daughter of course then had to show me that she could draw her own šŸ™‚ Loves her! 
So the challenge is just this: get the kids involved! Have you child color an image, make a card, or whatever they like! As long as it contains a Some Odd Girl Digi that they’ve made their own that’s an entry in! Your entries here all get added to the big draw so share some crop time with your lil ones, you know they love coloring just as much as you do! Link it up below by January 23rd, end of day.  The winner of this challenge will get an appropriate prize of 2 Tinies of their very own NEVER BEFORE SEEN. Both are a part of our Spring release on March 1st.


  1. what a cool idea šŸ˜‰ my kiddos have a half day of school today, they will be THRILLED if i have some special coloring pages waiting for them when they get home!!

  2. Eeekkk!! So excited for this one! I saw it on the list this weekend, told Nate about it, and we've been planning a quick dinner tonight and a coloring Tobie session. Can't wait!! GREAT IDEA!

  3. Promised the girls they could play along… super fun!! Robin F.

  4. Drat! No kids!

  5. If we enter every other challenge, and have no children in the house (my g'son lives OOT) does not entering this disqualify us for the big prize? šŸ™ And when will the My Tiny Contest winner be announced? I'm not TOO anxious! LOL!

  6. LOL! I'm going to announce the tiny contest winner on monday with all the other winners šŸ™‚ And each challenge entry just gets you an entry into the prize for that challenge AND one for the big prize. No penalties for skipping any šŸ™‚ Though we've got 3 entries for this one so far and I will say, its my fav! C-U-T-E!

  7. Ohhhhhhhhh look at those cute kidlet colourings *swoon*

  8. Can't play along with this one, not got any kiddos, lol!! I have to agree tho, nothing beats colouring in, my favourite thing in the world:)Suzixxx

  9. No kids here either, unfortunately…love seeing all the entries, though! šŸ™‚

  10. This was just too fun..Thank you for including the kidos.. mine had the best time making her card.

  11. oh emmm geeee!! i neeeeed bee tiaMy lil sprout is only 15 months old… but she can color. Lemme see what she can do after dinner

  12. Such a fantastic challenge!!!! Such cute kids too!My son really loves colouring, we were colouring today for ages!

  13. Thanks for including the kids šŸ™‚ Jazi did some colouring but I forgot to upload in time. She'd still like to share though:

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