Cupcake Toppers DIY/Tutorial

Cupcake Toppers DIY/Tutorial

HUGS AND KISSES on the day of love and romance Oddies! Today is the day of the year where we shower all those in our lives with love! I usually give my kids a lil treat and we have a nice dinner, if I’m lucky *very lucky* the hubs and I will get to go out and have a lil time together too. For the kiddos treat this year I’m makin cupcakes! Who doesn’t like cupcakes? Seriously! If you don’t like these miniature clouds of deliciousness then this DIY/Tut may not be for you lol but I don’t think we’ll find anyone like that 😉 

SO, I wanted to make some cupcakes and “purty them up” a bit. What to do….. well doilies are also all the rage now, I see them everywhere! And lo, I had some too! A project is born! I am going to make cutie cupcake toppers with doilies. One little note, I had 4 inchers on hand but I wanted like half that size, our local store didn’t have them (do they exist in a 2 inch size? inquiring minds want to know!) so I went with what’s on hand. Just goes to show you can rawk your stash!

So to start out here’s what we will be making today

YUM! Now I want to eat them…. get it together… ok… first off gather your supplies:

-4″ Wilton Doilies (number depends on how many you are making, the layers can be peeled apart to make more from the pack)
-A stick to support your creation, I used candy making sticks but if you have sturdy tooth picks that would probably work too
-Scalloped circle punch 1 7/8″ (got mine at Hobby Lobby)
– 2 5/16″ Circle punch (Hobby Lobby again)
-1″ circle punch
-Adhesive (using my ATG)
-3 Colors of Coordinating Pattern Paper (mine are from Sassafras Paper Crush) and 1 card stock
-Love Sentiment from Some Odd Girl
-Rhinestone Bling (number depending on how many you make but I used 4 per topper)
-Paper cutter
-Exacto knife (using my fiskars finger kinfe)
-Hole punch
-Pearl Gimmer Mist (optional but who doesn’t love more bling!)

Got’em? Good! First you’ll want to grab your stick support, doilies and knife.

You can peel the layers of the doilies apart to stretch your supplies a bit, which is what I did, it also makes it easier to fold. Fold your doilie in half, lining up the pattern, unfold and punch a hole in the center. Take your adhesive and give it a nice line around the inside solid circle of the doily. Take your candy stick and cut it into thirds with your exacto knife (you might have to adjust your length depending on the size of your cupcakes but the frosting will help hold it in place). If you are using the candy sticks you can score around it and then snap it like a twig. Push the candy stick thru the hole in the doily, mine was a snug fit, and fold the doily back up and over the stick covering it. Do that for as many as you are making.

Next, take your pattern papers and punch out 2 scalloped circles and 1 2 5/16″ circle and 2 1″ circles per topper. Cut the large circles in half. For the small toppers punch out 1 scalloped circle and 2 1″ circles per topper.

While you are punching away, print out the Love Sentiment on your cardstock so it is 1 1/4″ wide, almost 1″ tall. You will need 2 per large topper. If you are making the small toppers print two for each as well. Cut them out and set them aside. Next you are going to assemble all your pieces.

Make sure your scallops line up on both sides

Next you want to adhere your Rhinestones, making the sides match, and spray with glimmer mist.

Let them dry while you make the most yummy of confections, give them some libral sprinkles (sprinkles are edible glitter! Who doesn’t love em?) After you have your goodies, baked iced and ready hold the stick support of your toppers and gently push them in and you’re done!

Its pretty and yummy! Going that lil extra step will really show those special people that you care! If you make some of your own, please share them with us at and we could feature YOU on our blog! Thanks!