New Designers – Day 3

New Designers – Day 3

WOO HOO – aren’t you loving the new design team members. Yesterday you met and learned a little bit about the talented and glorious members, Meredith, Anna Maria, Indah, Ilene and Barbara. For our last day we will introduce four members that you might already know a little bit about!

Kristy Dalman – Blog: The Odd Girl


“Hi all!!! I’m Kristy and I am the owner/designer here at Some Odd Girl. This journey has been a long and weird one with a lot of false starts but not lacking in encouragement and help! The concept of my doing my own stamps evolved from a single awesome gift from a wonderful friend of one of my pencil drawings transformed into an actual red rubber stamp! I was ECSTATIC when I got it! But soon after that, a chat with my 2 girlies started the ball rolling into what you see now.

This website could not even begin to be here without my wonderful hubby of over 8 years who is very good at turning my ideas into reality. Even when I can’t articulate them very well 🙂 He encourages all my creative endeavors with enthusiasm and that’s absolutely priceless!
Besides being a crafter I enjoying drawing, sewing, reading and painting. If you’re lookin to get to know me a lil better you can check out my blog.”

 Kristy used Squirell from Nusty Kaylee


Leah l’Orange – Blog: The Chronicles of Orange

Design Team Coordinator

“HI! i’m Leah the Orange, and i am TOTALLY thrilled to have been on the Some Odd Girl bandwagon since its inception. i think you’re going to LOVE what we have in store for you, and our brand new Odd Girls are gonna knock your knee-socks off! 😀 i’m a Canadian import, living in South Jersey, with a crazy artist hubbin, an opinionated ADULT son (!!!), and the sweetest, lovingest kitty cat in the world. i’m not an artist, but i’m artsy. i’m not a musician, but i perform music. i’ll never grow up. i’d prefer to get CRAFTY over just about everything else, and i love COLOUR – lots of it (but espesh ORANGE)! i only know one language fluently, but i speak my own language. i am a foodie, an indie film snob, a cruise director, and a little (a lot) random at times. only fitting that i’m an Odd Girl, right?”

Leah used Cheer Kaylee


Melissa Andrew – Blog: Melissa Made

Design Team Coordinator

“Hi ya, I’m Melissa a 35 year old wife and mother of two sweet girls (8 and almost 2) and one rotten kitty. I’m from a small town in Ohio but now live in Portland, OR where I work as a Research Associate. My job allows me to come home and forget about it so that I can spend time with my family and my crafting! I’m a jabber jaw once you get me started but have often been compared to Eeyore! I didn’t start paper crafting really until 2010 and I fell hard core in LOVE! Luckily, I have the best hubs in the world that has not only supported my habit but has been known to go out and buy me tons of Odd Girl stamps! I have a complete addiction to Copics and pretty paper. You’ll find most of my creations are clean and simple as I like to showcase the images, papers and my coloring. Aside from crafting I love to read and find myself reaching for my Kindle when not crafting. My family inspire me everyday to create something new and I’ve actually found myself watching hubs play his favorite video games to inspire creativity! I love searching for inspiring ideas in the world around me. I’m SO thrilled to be working with the Odd girls!”

Melissa used Snowy Mae
Vera Yates – Blog: Ling’s Design Studio


SOG Team
“Hi all! My name is Vera Wirianta Yates or you can also call me by my nickname Lingling. I am originally from Indonesia, but been calling Texas home for the past 16 years. I just turned 36, married to a super supportive hubby who understand my stamping addiction, and mommy to 2 fur legged kids. I enjoy all kind of craft, but I love scrapbooking and card making the most. I started scrapbooking back in 1996 and got into card making soon after. I love pretty papers, cute stamps, and colors. Colors makes me happy. Oh… and good cheesecake makes me happy. I’ve been known to apply the sentiment “eat dessert first” in real life. I am a avid Harry Potter fans, who of course love everything Harry Potter related, and love movies (is it odd that I keep a list of movies I watch each year?), reading, and travelling. I am a quiet girl, but once you know me I can be quite a chatter box and you might have a hard time shutting me off. 🙂 I am an easy going gal, who’s sometime can be super cheesy and goofy. I am also a smiley kind of person. Love to smile and love to make other people smile. I am so excited to be part of Some Odd Girl and looking forward to this new and fun adventure.”


  1. Love each card. Super cute

  2. <3 mad love to you all!!! You've totally inspired me over the last 6 months and I can't wait to learn more from you talented ladies!!

  3. HEY I recognize you guys!!! YAY!!! Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves ladies! Am loving the sneak peeks on FB!!!

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