Project Feature – repeating images for a background

Project Feature – repeating images for a background

Good morning, Odd Friends!  Leah (the orange one) here, excited to share an idea with you that has saved me on more than one occasion. 

Wanna know what I absolutely LURRRRVE about digital stamps?  Being able to RE-SIZE them to my little heart’s content.  In fact, I very seldom leave my images the size in which they arrive, because I love to experiment.

For my Project Feature today, I chose one image, printed a large version for my card, and used a technique I think you’ll enjoy once you see the endless possibilities!  I used the same image and repeated it a bunch of times in a mini version of itself to create a customized background!  Too many times I’ve had background papers that will ALMOST work, but maybe the style or the line is just a little off.  This technique will allow you to match your image to your background PERFECTLY, and these minis are super fun to color!

Check it out!


I used the totally cute (and maybe a teeny bit steampunk) Love Balloon and stuck with a simple color palette for an eye-popping effect!

What do you think?  Can’t you see this working great with some of the cuties in our FOODS category?  Stick with just one image for emphasis, or mix and match for a tasty little buffet!  Print them on colored or patterned paper for a completely different effect!

I’d love to see projects you’ve created using this technique, or if you’re inspired to create something NOW, please share (leave a comment with your link, or share it on our Facebook page)!  We love to see your creations, and we are always aiming to inspire! 

See you back here again tomorrow for more eye candy that I’m SURE you’re going to lurve!  🙂


  1. what a fun idea…I love this technique…Leah is awesome..
    thanks for sharing..

  2. eeeps!! Just look at that gorgeousness!
    totally love the idea of making background that way. Thanks for the inspo.. totally fab!

  3. Totally FABULOUS Leah!!! LOVEEEEEEEEE this effect with the digi stamps!! AWESOME!!

    Crafty Hugs!

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