March Release Day 2

March Release Day 2

Good morning! It was awesome to see how everyone enjoyed our reveals yesterday and we hope you’ll enjoy what we have to share today! We have two images that we hope will inspire you to be happy because that is what spring is all about! Our first reveal I had sneak peeked as a sketch on my personal blog and she drew quite a reaction so I hope you all love her too as a digi…

Meet Furry Friends Mae!






Our next image makes me think of my daughter who just doesn’t want to get out of her ballet tutu after dance every Monday and would be content just to flounce around the house…


 Meet Happy Tia!







What do you think of Happy Tia and Furry Friends Mae? Any ideas for what you’d use them for? I’ll pick one commenter on today’s reveal to win BOTH images! You have thru tonight (midnight EST) to get your comments in and be eligible to win! You can grab these images and the whole rest of the release in the shop right now!

So we also have a winner to announce for yesterday’s reveals! We asked you to give us some ideas for what you would use either Geeky Mae or Picnic Mae for and our winner said…

Congrats Tara! Love the idea and we hope to see your bookmarks! 


Join us back here tomorrow for two more reveals and another giveaway! 





  1. KITTY! KITTY! KITTY! These are darling! My SOG collection is going to become quite large with this release… thanks! 🙂

    -Annie Rose

  2. I am a massive fan of kitty Mae! She will be added to my collection ASAP!

  3. Wow, love these cuties! Especially like Furry Friends Mae! I would use her for a birthday card and then would write on the front: Guess what? And then inside: No, you are NOT getting a kitty, but you WILL get (and the the present that I’d give). Think it would be funny :p.
    Hugs, Hanneke

  4. OHHHHH! How great are these digis! I adore the kitty cat Mae one, payday is but 3 days away! I love the angle and I am going to use it in the cat scrapbook I am making now. I always wanted to be a dancer when I was growing up! I took 3 years of dance class, turns out I have no balance, rhythm or talent. Took me 3 years of bad grand Jetes and step ball changes to admit I had no future in dance. Humph, it was a long shot but I can still dream.

  5. wow these are so amazing…love the new images and awesome work DT..

  6. Loving these new images – looking so grown up :). Already been spending in the shop – not good for my purse lol.

  7. Oh bless look how cute Happy tia is!! … with a back as straight at that she won’t have any problems when she grows up! haha! I love them both, but Tia is a winner for me!! <3 Tams x

  8. These are so sweet! I love Happy Tia, she’s so sweet and innocent looking:) I would make a thinking of you card with her and for Furry Friends Mae I’d use her for a so happy to see you card or You’re the cats meow. Just love these digis!

  9. I love Mae!! I would use her on layouts of me and my kitten from when I was little, there are even photos of me holding him like that.

  10. EEEEKKK!!! A KITTY!!!!!! Love them both, but I’m such a cat woman that I’d use furry friends Mae for EVERYTHING! xxD

  11. Oh my… darn cute!! I would put them together and make a little scene of the two together excited about the kitty or even for Easter since that’s around the corner! Hugs, Rosie

  12. Happy Tia would be perfect on a layout with my daughter. She looks like her.

  13. Cute cute cute!!!!
    And the dt work is awesome!!
    Perfect images for birthdaycards for younger girls, or just girls young st heart!!

  14. Yeah! Every day this is getting more interesting!! Love them!

  15. Darling new release! You’ve been working hard Kristy. They are all darling so far….they will all make super cards!

  16. I would use furry friend mae on a scrapbook page with a picture of my granddaughter and her cat.

    Happy Tia reminds me of my granddaughters ballet class. I would be able to use Tia on a recital card for her.

  17. I would use furry friends Mae on a card for my friend who is a kitty lover but she lives abroad! Happy Tia would be used for a mommy to go card, kind of like a business card but less business-like;-)

  18. Such adorable images. I love the kitty and the girl in her tutu is adorable!!

  19. Two more must have stamps! How cute is that kitty?!! LOVE IT!! 😀

  20. ZOMG! I would totally use these on pretty much every and anything!! Adorable!!!

  21. Oh my goodness! These images are so adorable! Furry friends Mae is just to die for!

  22. OMG these are soooo cute!!! Great for a New kitten card and Thinking of You cards as well!!! love the DT creations here!
    hugs, Heidi

  23. I can´t choose…I just can´t!!!
    But, Furry friends would be great on cards for my “cat-friends” and for our kittens new owners, with some advice on how to take care of their new familymember 🙂

  24. Oh they are both just adorable. Love them both:) Happy Tia could easily fit in an aperture card with her in the center surrounded by pink flowers, swirls and pearls. She does remind me of my little girl who wants to wear her dress every day and be a ballerina;) Bettina xx

  25. OMG, these are just adorable..Love Both of them….so excited so many digis are coming out now!!! YEAH!:-)

  26. Love both of these images! I would use them on everything. They would be great in scrapbooks and on cards for anniversary, Birthdays and many more occassions.

  27. OMW! These adorable images remind of my nieces and my sil who make gurus and love kitties! They would make the cutest cards for them!

  28. Love these! So super cute!! Fabulous DT creations!

  29. I love them both, but especially Happy Tia! She’s so versatile. Can’t wait to add these to my collection!

  30. Love my cat so that one is very appealing for all kinds of cards. Tia though reminds me of my granddaughter during dance class and it screams scrab with me.

  31. Absolutely love all the new digis!
    Would use Happy Tia for Clover (my 7 year old), she has just started ballet lesson and I’ll be doing a mini album for her once we get some photos of her in her tutu!

  32. So cute… love the little cat!
    My daughter also loves her tutu dress and happy Tia is awesome!
    Your new images are great! Love them…..

  33. Tia is adorable! She looks like my dd. Pretty, happy and that little bit of cheekyness I love. I would enlarge her and make a pp-canvas for my dd room.

  34. wow..adorable girl digis…
    I’ll make some tags with them both


  35. Happy Tia is perfectly flouncy, love the ruffles!

  36. I love Kitty Mae although I think it should be Kitty Julie-Ann. Because I look like this every time I pick up my little man, ‘Dude’ the cat.

    However, he won’t be too overjoyed in the bow… If I had my way I would have him in collars that are bows, or with diamantés initials spelling out his name, or just a nice design on it… all that cool girly stuff. These sorts of collars he seems able to lose on regular bases.

    But, his ratty black leather studded collar his Daddy got him always seems to last and I have to put it back on him when he returns home minus my latest collar dressing-up adventure… Sigh

    And as for Happy Tutu wearing Tia, reminding you of your daughter Kristy, well I can totally relate to that. I mean who doesn’t want to sit around in a tutu all day? I know I do!!! Yes, I’m 42 and no I don’t have a little girl or ballet lessons but I would love to flounce around the house in a pink tutu….

    Failing that, I wonder if I could get Dude to wear a tutu… without sustaining too much blood loss and cat-scratch fever in the process of getting it on him… mmmmmm

    Here Dude… Mummy has a treat for you
    Love Julie-Ann R. (aka Dudesmum) xxxx

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