Join in our March Release… don’t be shy!

Join in our March Release… don’t be shy!

Don’t be shy, come on by!  Heh… I can rhyme all the time! 🙂  Um, okay, okay… That’s enough.

All goofy humor aside, are you ready for something sweet?!  Today we have two VERY sweet reasons to fidget and blush and stand all pigeon toed with cute intentions…  Something that happens in the spring when love is in the air or you’re just crushin’ on someone.  And since spring is on its way (hooray!), we have a couple of reluctantly shy girls to introduce!  First off,

Meet Shy Kaylee!

 And check out these colorful prodgies from our very own Odd Girls!




Isn’t she cute with her slightly awkward stance and the way she’s fidgeting with her clothes?  Certainly something we girls have done when we’ve met someone we think is pretty nifty and we’re wondering if they’re going to like us, right?!  “Is my skirt too short?  Should I have worn a necklace?  Do they like my hair color?”  Have you been there, too?  We’d love to hear your stories!

Next sweetie for you to meet….  This one’s got a certain little twinkle in her eye…

 Meet Shy Mae!




We think this little Mae either has a bit of a “come hither” look, or she’s totally avoiding eye contact  – what do you think?  Can you relate to our Kaylee and Mae and recall a time when you were so smitten, you just didn’t know what to say, how to stand, or whether you should stick your hands in your pockets or play with your hair to keep them busy?  🙂 

Tell us your stories, and we’ll randomly choose one person from today’s comments who will win BOTH of these shy gals!  Remember, you only have until MIDNIGHT tonight (EST) to leave your comment below, because we’re doing it all over again tomorrow!

OH!  And SPEAKING of winners!  Our winner from yesterday’s drawing for Furry Friends Mae and Happy Tia is…

I’m totally smitten with that idea for a card! :DD Email and you’ll get hooked up all good-like!  ENJOY!  🙂


Tomorrow is our last day of reveals with another chance to win so see you then!







  1. Oh I love them! Reminds me of when I was about 12 years old and a 16 year old cutie was visiting my neighbors for a couple of weeks…

  2. wow.. the shy kaylee is too darn cute.. I think every girl who has ever had a crush has made this awkward, cute pose… I will need this stamp for all the teenage girls I know 🙂

  3. Oh their so cute!! No i’m not the shyest girl on the block so no stories there..

  4. Both are so sweet! Great addition to my SOG images! Kaylee reminds me of my daughter, being 15 she acts just like that around cute boys. HUGS

  5. Kristy you are killing me with the cuteness of these digis!!! OMG!! Fantastic job team!! I’m aching for a Soggie right now!!!

  6. These are just the bestest, absolutely love ’em.

    Awkward moment …….. when the guy I had a crush on (and never dared talk to) walked into the DISCO (yes I really am that old) and I poured my soda down my top because I was too busy staring at him lol.

    Moral of the story – it worked cos he felt sorry for me and it gave me a chance to talk to him. Turned out he was very nice 🙂

  7. Awww, these are such sweet shy images. It reminds me of my niece, Emma, who is six and super shy (not with me but with my DH and most other males in her life) and I have a picture of her with a similar pose as Mae.

  8. Yeah!!! They remember me on the high school! Too many new people!! Perfect for any event!

  9. I remember those days for a bit in High School. I had the more I don’t care what you think attitude. I am who I am. I love them both.

  10. These are just too sweet and cute! Love them both. I was always shy for most of my life until I met my hubby now. But at first I remember always being tongue tied around him…or wait was that the alcohol…since we met in a bar..LOL! Actually my heart still does flip flops when I see him and I fall more and more in love with him every day even after 13 years!

  11. So cute! I remember I was definitely shy in highshool when it came to the boys…wasn’t a hand fidgeter but I did twirl my hair when I got nervous! lol. Thanks for the chance to win, love the girls 🙂

  12. Oh yes I remember times like this …. 5.5 years back, they day I met my boyfriend, he was such a flirt!! … kept taking photos of me even though I hated photos! …. never looked back since, I just couldnt get rid of him, we now have 2 babies, and live together … no more coy or shyness!

    Loving these images, keep up the FAB work! x

  13. oh my… can I relate! Everytime I get up to speak infront of people I go completely red in the face. Picturing people in their underwear doesn’t work either.. makes my face go redder. So now when i am speaking to a group – I alwasy start off with… “remember the colour of my face now… because in about 2 min… you will see it change.. like a magic trick.” It usually gets them to laugh but it is still embarrassing to be so shy.

    thanks for the opportunity to win the girls…they are beautiful

  14. Ooooh, another great showcase! I’ll never forget when I met my husband at a telemarketing company…he was one of their top sellers so on the 2nd day of training they sat me next to him so I could hear his sales pitch. Definitely had the Shy Mae thing going…trying to stare at his cuteness when he wasn’t looking, ha ha! Hugs, Rosie

  15. They are soooo sweet love them … I could do a lot with them xo <3 🙂

  16. I really love these they are so sweet .. It’s hard to pick just one of them as they are all sweet in thier own way xo <3 :-)xo

  17. I was definately the shy girl for the most part… I couldn’t talk to a boy to save my life…. very cute images, love them both!

  18. Oh I remember those times! Never really could take to boys!!
    I dont get a specific incident in mind, but yesterday while typing to my boyfriend who was at work, my phone autocorrected it and I pressed send before noticing! I ment to say : I love you most! But he got: I love you mostly! Very romantic right??? 😀

  19. Oh, I just love Leah’s card! I know so many shy girls, these would be just perfect for all my birthday cards!

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