Spring Release… get outdoorsy!

Spring Release… get outdoorsy!

Okay folks, Leah the Orange back again to wrap up the excitement until tomorrow’s Spotlight post!  So we’re at the last day of our Spring Digi Release, and today, we encourage you to get out for a breath of fresh air!  These two chickadees have picked out their wardrobes and they’ve decided to go for a walk in the gorgeous spring air…

Say hello to Summery Mae!

and some bits and bobs from our Odd Girls to inspire you…





Isn’t she fabulous?  Love that Bohemian Chic thing she’s got goin’ on, with that flowy skirt and simple tank…  And the hat and sandals SCREAM casual and confident and DEFINITELY ready for warm weather!

 And last, but certainly not least, a girl whose style is a force to be reckoned with!  LOOK at this beauty!  It’s Woodsy Mae (on a slightly cooler day):


SO much possibility for this one, right?  I love to color stripey things, and I can picture her with a little critter or a friend sharing the seat!  Feast your eyes on the Odd Girls‘ prodgies with this little miss:

Anna Maria 





Well?  There you have it!  ALL of the images we’ve shared with you this week are now available to purchase at SomeOddGirl.com, and we can’t wait to see your projects popping up all over the web!  And you know the drill…  since we’re all about love and sharing at Some Odd Girl, we’re gonna give these two beauties to one crafter, but we’re looking for your comments!  This time, to wrap things up, I’d like you to share your favorite outdoorsy activities – do you fly kites?  Do you go for hikes?  Do you enjoy a picnic with the fam?  How about road trips with the windows down to state parks or camping trips by the lake?  Tell us what you love to do outside, and we’ll announce our winner tomorrow!  Remember, you have until MIDNIGHT EST to get your comments in!

And a big thank you to everyone who left love yesterday…  Love your cute stories of shy moments!  A happy congrats to:

Congratulations, Tams!
  On your happily ever after, and on your little digi win!  Please send an email to Kristy@someoddgirl.com and she’ll make sure you get your shy girls TOOT SWEET!  😉

Remember, midnight tonight for comments, and we’ll be back tomorrow with an Odd Spotlight!  We’re scouring the galleries, your blogs, and our Facebook page right now to find some SOGgy work to show off!




  1. Wow Leah I love all the new releases but I have to say I lurve woodsy Mae, such a beautiful expression on her face. Can’t wait to get my hands on some new digis!! Gorgeous cards by all the DT as always. I’m not really an outdoorsy type of gal but I do enjoy a short stroll from time to time haha! Hugs, Denise x

  2. Oh yes – these are fabulous. Summery Mae already on my desh and Woodsy is on my “absolutely-must-have” list.

    Favorite summer activity – love having a garden picnic apart from the wasps :(.

    Hugs, mette

  3. Gorgeous stamps!

  4. Wow Thankyou so much!! I am proper chuffed!! love these 2 aswell, I am more of an indoorsy get your craft on type of girl! x

  5. Oooh love ALL of the new releases!!
    Since I have a dog, a playfull rottie, we’re out a lot on walks and just plain fun in the woods nearby. I also love taking him to the beach, he loves water!

  6. I love listening to the birds sing and chirp while I am reading a novel….on the porch, at the lake, anywhere I can be in the sun. Would love to have a nice stump like Woodsy Mae to sit on 🙂 Especially if I had a cute “snail” friend like Kristy’s sample!

  7. I love the outside…. usually fishing with the OH and the boys. Because I am disabled it isn’t an easy task and unfortunatly last year we didn’t get to go at all. We fish for carp and other coarse fish and always have a little competition between us as to who can get the largest…. It is usually the other half but he has been fishing for over 30 years so we would expect that. Its great fun, we take a huge picnic and stay until we are exhausted. Although I get to fall asleep on the bedchair next to lake in the sunshine….. just beautiful (untill I start snoring apparently!!) Hope we can do more this year….. even if it does take me away from my craft desk. Love both images, makes me want the better weather to come all the more!
    Trudie x

  8. Oh my gosh, these are fabulous. My favorite outdoor activity is camping, camping, and more camping!!! Especially with the grandbabies. So much fun!

  9. Loving these girls…so cute..im completely an outdoors girl…camping, hiking, the works


  10. OH MA GAWD!! How cute are these! Are those toenails on Summery Mae! Oh la la! Love the tree stump, yes an ODD animal could totally sit there!EEKS! Wonderful job AGAIN!

  11. Adorable! The cards are just stunning!

  12. WOw, these girls are great! Love the DT creations. I love the outdoors! I often go an walks with my mom. We both love nature and photography and especially the combination of both. Great bonding time with my mom :). Hugs, Hanneke

  13. Oh my word, I love these two newbies too!! I love to take Isaiah to fly kites and picnics (he loves it)!! Hugs, Rosie

  14. I love the new release! They are all wonderful. Now I have to make a choice….

  15. I love both! They are like me and my sister!! Me being Woodsy Mae and her being Summery Mae!! Sooo cute!

  16. Love all the design teams cards! Kristy where did the little snail come from?

  17. These two are really so wonderful. And a must-have! One of my favor

    1. One of my favorit things is to go out in the forest and have a picknick alone, just lisen to the birdsong and maby find som mushrooms.:) Great DT-cards!
      Hugs Kattiz

  18. Awww! Such sweet images again! I love ’em! You all are making it really hard to choose my favorite three to order! This time of year is perfect convertible weather for us in AZ. It gets a little chilly driving in the mountains with the top down but that’s what the heater is for! I love the DT cards too!

  19. Oh I just love these two! Something I like to do everyday outside is go to class early so I take the long way to my classes and look at all the different trees and flowers around campus! I love how different they are some are taller than others, some have the most bending branches. And you can find the prettiest flowers sprouting in the most hidden places. Sometimes if I have extra time I like to sit under one of the trees and read. I know it’s not much, but it surely makes it easier to listen to a long lecture afterwards,LOL:)

  20. Adorable!!! I can’t wait to play with these. I love being outdoors, you have an activity and name it I’ll be there! Some of my favorites are: volleyball, rollerblading, and lounging on the lake in floaties or on the pontoon!

  21. Wow these 2 are amazing as well. Wish I get to play with these soon;) My fav activity outdoors has to be gardening. Make ready for flowers and the summer to come. I also love to walk along with my hubby and kids in the forest and I enjoy the beach in the summer. Love swimming and chasing the kids around;) xx

  22. O love the summery skirt, she is gorgeous and the coloring of the DT is flawless. love it.

    I wait for spring and summer, taking walks with my son is always the highlight of the day, arfter work that is what we do, he tells me his whole day and i enjoy his animation during that time. My daughter comes once in a while but she is not a walker. I love to go to parks and be with them. i love to see the new green leaves sprout and people be more visible. I like to see communities come together there is such a magic in that.

  23. They are both incredible, but Woodsy Mae looks like my daughter!

  24. Oh, oops, forgot my fave outdoor activity! I’ve been getting outside for walks with my babe in stroller and the family pup every day, but I also enjoy biking now and again in the summer! And even the occasional run, if the mood strikes!

  25. I really love this release! Gorgeous DT cards as usual!! I was born in Colorado and grew up camping in the mountains. I still love being outside whether it’s for a walk in the park, a hike or my absolute favorite at a zoo or just out observing/photographing nature and animals.

  26. Sorry I’m late for the party, but I love Woodsy Mae, she looks at home in nature!!! My favorite outdoor activity is to play baseball in the summer, I’m on a ladies team. But we live on a farm, so everything is an outdoor activity for us ;o) Thanks for the chance to win.

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