CONTEST from Leah the Orange, and Kaylee winners!

CONTEST from Leah the Orange, and Kaylee winners!

Morning, peeps!  Okay, so it’s time to mix things up a little bit.  We give lots of stuff away at Some Odd Girl when we have new releases and blog hops, and yes, we just wrapped up another 3 days of digi giveaways, but I’m feeling inspired.So here’s what I’m proposing.  Read carefully!

I want to see you rock a Some Odd Girl badge on your blog (pinned in a post on top, or near the top of your sidebar – I’d love to see it on top, if possible, but I know your DTs are priorities!), and I want you to leave a comment below with your best SOME ODD GIRL SLOGAN.  Anything goes!  Something cute, something quirky, whatever you can muster up!  My fave slogan will get a special prize pack, including a bunch of fabby new stash from, as well as TWO 4″ x 6″ clear stamp sets from Some Odd Girl.  Yep.  Just because I’m feeling GENEROUS. 

You have until Sunday, May 6th to get your entries in, and I’ll deliberate for a day or two, with the winner to be announced on Thursday, May 10th.  You ready?  You up for this challenge?  GO! Grab the blinkie below if you don’t already have it and let’s see it!




ANNNNND, I hope you’re all having a wonderful week, and have enjoyed our reveals…  It’s been a lot of fun in the Odd House for the team, and we have LOVED creating with the April digis…  Have you had a favorite digi?  Is there a project that stood out the most?  What are you working on right now?  🙂

I promised two winners from yesterday’s Kaylee post, so let’s get THAT sorted, shall we? 

First up, we have Lazy Day Kaylee (who’s been a big hit amongst the Odd Girls!)…  that digi goes to


And Tweet Kaylee, who’s as adorable as can be and makes me sing Mary Poppins…  congrats to


Thank you ALL for your comments this week, and congrODDulations to our winners!  Ladies, please send an email to and she’ll hook you up with your digis!  Remember you must have an account with for your downloads.

Don’t forget about all the other things we have going on right now too like our CHA Raffle, Our ca-ute featured digi and all the fun on our Facebook and Twitter! We’d love to connect with you and see what you’re up to!


  1. added to my blog sidebar! Thankyou SO MUCH for picking me for the givaway….!

    Here is my slogan – “Cause we’re all a little Odd”

  2. Congrats Winners!!!

    My suggestion for a slogan is:

    “Every one needs an odd girl in their life!”

    1. Author

      I’m loving yours Annmaree! Its got a double meaning 🙂 (stamps/stamper)

    1. Author

      That’s right Rachel! Its more fun this way 😉

  3. I love the new digi’s. Congrats, winners! 🙂

    “Some ODD Girl: Where CUTE meets Curious.”

    1. Author

      I like that Annie! Very fun sounding!

  4. Ahh you guys always inspire me over here!! 🙂 I’ve added the badge, don’t even know why I look it off.
    Be yourself, and be ODD with us too!!

    😀 xo

    1. Author

      Love how friendly this one sounds Lou!

  5. I added the badge to my side bar. I’m not good at slogans, but here it goes: Some Odd Girl, where “Odd” is the new “in”.

    1. Author

      Nice play on it Judy! Like Red is the new black with the LBD, clever!

  6. I don’t get to play as much, but I do love your stamps. 🙂 hm… I captioned mine as “Sometimes you just need to be ODD!”

    1. Author

      Right to the point Leanne! I like it!

  7. Thanks for the chance I’ve added in your blinkie in my sidebar

    here’s my slogans
    1. Normal girls are a dime a dozen, but SOME ODD GIRLS are Rare Finds!!
    2. Our SOME ODD GIRLS STAMPS don’t mind getting Dirty …. with INK that is !!!

    1. Author

      I love both of those Nikki! the second one made me XD

  8. I have had the SOG on my sidebar for a very long time all ready.. My slogan is : “Out of Odd inspiration comes great creations.”

    1. Author

      oooo Missy! That one is poetic even! Lovin it!

  9. Oh yes! I do need to add the button! Thanks for the reminder.

    When you are feeling it ODD
    There’s a little ODD in all of us
    Creatively Odd
    Be the ODD GIRL out!
    We all have an ODD streak
    Be the ODD you want to see in the world

    hmmm might be back with more gotta take the foster to therapy
    Hope everyone has a GREAT WEEK and please feel free to play off of what I have here.

    1. Author

      we could put you to work Kymberlee! I like them all but Be the Odd Girl out! and Be the Odd you want to see in the world are my favs!

  10. Congrats to the winners! 😀

    I LOVE the slogans!! Especially heart Kymberlee’s take on the Gandhi-quote! (“Be the ODD you want to see in the world” – too fun and cute!)

    My take would probably be
    “Be inspired. Be true. Be ODD.”
    (…or “Stay inspired. Stay true. Stay ODD.”)

    The blinkie has been on my site since before this one came out… 😉

    1. Author

      ooo! Since we say Stay Odd all the time I like that Zarah! Its a whole thing! 😀

  11. Had a blinkie for The Odd Girl blog, but swapped that for the blinkie above and added The Odd Girl to my blog roll. I would have left The Odd Girl blinkie, but for aesthetics I had to go with the blog roll. So hard to make it all work using other folks blogger templates (wish I was industrious enough to learn to make my own CSS). Anyway, I digress, let me suggest a slogan . . . how about:

    “Normal is over-rated, embrace your Odd-ness!”

  12. My slogan was going to be “embrace you inner Odd” but that’s a bit like Redonna’s so after some thought…

    “Utterly ODDorable”
    “Odd. The new black” and
    “It’s good to be ODD”

    are what I came up with 🙂

    Lisa xox

  13. wow there ar some great slogans flying around! Here’s mine: Don’t be the odd girl out…stamp with Some ODD Girl!

  14. I love the slogans! Mine is… Go ODD or go home!

  15. Slogans…there are SO many great ones already – you talented Oddies you! 🙂 Well here’s my two cents worth –

    It’s hip to be Odd!(LOL! Very old school…)

    Find the Odd Girl in you.

    Color Me Odd.

    1. Oops I forgot to say the blinkie has been on my blog sidebar forever and I LOVE IT…!

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