Digi release day 1 – GIGGLE FAIRY!

Digi release day 1 – GIGGLE FAIRY!

Good morning, Odd Friends!  Leah the Orange here, and a very happy MONDAY to you!  Normally Mondays have a pretty bad rep with most people, but we don’t mind this one, as we get to bring you a BRAND NEW DIGI RELEASE!  Some of you have noticed the little graphic saying there’s something coming…  well today we are kicking off a small digi release, available NOW at SomeOddGirl.com!  Your response to our last batch of faes was INCREDIBLE, so Kristy knew she had to satisfy the fans, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to LURRRRRRRVE this little set of cuties! 

For the next three days, we’ll be sharing the Odd Girls‘ projects using these lovely new sprites, and all YOU have to do is answer my question below in a comment each day for your chance to win!  We’ll be announcing the winners on Thursday, but if you’re antsy, buy ’em NOW by clicking HERE.  🙂

Let’s kick the week off right, shall we?!  Our first fae got a very warm response from the Odd Girls…  Tell us what you think of…


Here’s what our fabulous team came up with to show off this little lurvie…



Leah C






Leah the Orange

So?  Whatcha think, folks?  Can’t wait to see the rest, right?  Well tomorrow, we’ll showcase the next one, but today, we’d love to hear your thoughts!  In fact, here’s my little question for you all…  Since we’re talking FAIRIES here, what is your favorite fairy tale, and why?  Answer this question in a comment below, and you might be one of our lucky winnahz on Thursday!

Come back tomorrow to see the next Fae up for grabs, and if you’re feeling inspired, why not join us in our May Sketch Challenge?!  There are a couple of FAB prizes up for grabs! 



  1. I don’t know if it counts as a ‘fairy tale’ but my favourite has always been Alice in Wonderland. I love the ridiculousness of it all… The DT cards are amazing (as always!)

  2. Wow such a stunning inspiration from a very talented team & ‘Giggle Fairy’ is sooo purdy, just love her & you have all coloured her amazingly..now i don’t know if i cope waiting till tomorrow, i guess a sleepness night is ahead lol

    I found your blog a while a go & come here if i need some inspiration or just simply to cheer myself up because i always know there will always be a card to put a smile on my face…i know i haven’t commented before but from now on i will, see you tomorrow!!
    hugs and xxx

    1. Author

      YAY Gemma! I’m glad to “hear” it! 😀 We LOVE hearing from everyone if there’s a giveaway or not so that’s awesome! HUGS!

  3. OMG! I love her! Just so adorable and the dt have done wonders with her 😀 Hmm…favourite fairy tale would have to be Beauty and the Beast (Does that count as a fairy tale?) hehe! I always loved her dress when I was little and the funny talking teacup hehe 😉

  4. Sorry i forgot to mention my favourite fairy tale…it has to be Cinderella because she goes from having nothing in her life to meeting her prince charming & falling in love so from rags to riches & so well deserved me thinks…just love it!!
    (hope that makes sense!!)
    hugs and xxx

  5. Fantastic gorgeous image!!
    I just love her and all the DT creations are fantastic! You really are one talented team girls!
    I just loves all the fairytales, and having a little four year old princess I am so lucky to get to read them often too 🙂 Hard to choose one, but we have the one with the princess and the frog that both me and my daughter love, so that must be my answar today 🙂
    Have a nice day girls and thanks for the fantastic inspiration
    Hugs, Jill

  6. I don’t know if The Princess Bride is a true fairy tale, but I loves it!!!
    I also love Alice in Wonderland and The Little Mermaid.

  7. Ohhh…She’s adorable!!! My favorite fairy tale is Sleeping Beauty!! I love what the DT created!! So fun!

  8. She is tooooo cute! Hmmm..fav fairytale…would have to be Beauty and the Beast. Belle is smart, pretty and kind! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store!!

  9. My favorite fairy tale would be Pinocchio. Why? Because it teaches that honesty is the best option. I want kids, (my kids, my grand-kids, all kids) to understand that while stretching the truth may appear to be easier, in the long run honesty turns out to be the easiest.

  10. Awe this lil fairy is very cute!!!! Love all the DT Amazing creations!!! My favorite fairy tale is Goldilocks and the 3Bears. I have read that to both of my girls to no end!!!!I even have several books of it by all different book companies. I have a tea set of it, a Bradford Mint plate, and a couple different stamp company images of Goldilocks too! I had even bought my youngest daughter the weeble wobble set of it and it came with a lil book. The story is a lil different as Goldilocks eats the bears macaroni cheese instead of porridge. lol
    Hugs, Heidi

  11. Oh my oh my!!
    Too cute!!!
    Love all the dt work! They always bring the images so beautiful to life!!

    My favorite fairy tail is anything from the swedish author Astrid Lindgren, the mother of Pippi Longstocking and other beloved characters!

  12. gorgeousness!!!! Can’t wait to see the rest.

    My favourite is Tinkerbell. Major Tink fans in this house 😀

  13. HI girls

    wow just loving ‘giggle fairy’ she is a gem!
    I love the DT inspiration what a great big bunch of gorgeousness!!

    My fav fairy tale is Rapunzel her long hair and being trapped in the tower waiting to be rescued

    Em xxx

  14. I can see so many sentiments used with this adorable little image! So cute! If it counts, my favorite “tale” is The Little Prince”. I have it in both English and French versions and it serves to entertain and teach life’s most basic lessons. Would love to see a BOY charahcter based on this lovable little guy!

  15. Oh what a cute fairy. I used to love Cinderella but I went to see The Princess and the Frog with my daughter and now that is my favourite fairy tale because Tiana is a strong woman that doesn’t need a man to help her but she realises that love is a nice thing that you need too.

  16. She is adorable! She reminds me of my daughter. The DT did an amazing job!

  17. Oh woooooow!!! She is A-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! I need giggle fairy in my life! totally gorgeous inspiration from the ladies too!! As for my favourite fairy tale, well, I have quite a few for different reasons …
    Rapunzel, as she reminds me of my daughter with the hair, Cinderella, as she started with nothing, and ended up with the man of her dreams (this is like me, I had nothing and met my partner and he is my dream!) Princess and the frog, because she is a strong independant woman, but, we LOVE them all, and own them all too, we are total fairy tale nuts in this house! Thanks for a chance to win, cant wait to see tomorrows post! x

  18. I love the Three Little Pigs because I read that to all of my kiddos when they were young. It never failed to make the giggle when I was “huffing and puffing” so outragously (just to hear that sweet giggle lol)… Can’t wait for the rest of the week to see what’s in store .. this one here is cute!!

  19. She is so cute, look at those little ears! I love that SOG comes out with new images so often. My favorite fairy tale? I would have to say Beauty and the Beast (ok thats disney, but still). I always loved the characters and the way they looked, it was fun. It also taught me young to never judge people and always have an open heart. I even like the Beautician and the beast. So fun!

  20. Totally in love with her and will have to order her and her friends soon!! Don’t know that I have a favorite fairy tale…I don’t know if Peter Pan is a fairy tale..that is high on my list as is Cinderella. 🙂

  21. ohh and forgot to say how totally awesome the DT cards are!!

  22. Gorgeous creations ladies, giggle fairy is so cute. My fav fairy tale is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, just love those cute little fellas with perfect names lol! Any way it is Hi ho hi ho off to work I must go, take careX:)

  23. oh,wow, she is so adorable! love fairies!! and what awesome inspiration from the dt!

  24. oh, sorry, forgot to mention my favorite fairy tale — the 3 little pigs. does that count? brings back fond memories. thanks!

  25. Just too cute. I can’t stop smiling- like them all.

  26. Beautiful fairies ladies! My favorite fairy tale is The Little Mermaid, which is a good thing since I have a 4 year-old and a 2 year-old little girl so I get to read it A LOT, lol! Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. These are all so adorable!! My favorite fairy tale was Thumbelina. I still have my litte 45 record (with the yellow label). It came with a book so you could read a long, but I didn’t manage to hang on to it.

  28. What beautiful creations of cards! Really inspire me to make cards 🙂
    I’m a kid at heart and my favorite fairytale has always been Sleeping Beauty- It’s every girl’s dream to be rescued by a prince charming. At least mine was 🙂

  29. Well, I am partial to the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty. I love all the songs and “Aurora” dancing barefoot in the forest with the animals. 🙂 But the new Rapunzel movie Tangled is my daughter’s new favorite, and I must say it is vying for my heart, too.

  30. Ooooooo, such a cute stamp and beautiful projects by the DT. My favorite fairy tale is The Ugly Duckling (that is a fairy tale right?) and the message it contains.

  31. So lovely fairy!! And you all have made her look sooo good!
    My favorite fairy tale must be… Cinderella. I love the music and I saw it in the cinema with my mother. 🙂

  32. Woooow…I love this digis so much, so cute and adorable.
    I made something different for Giggle Fairy.
    So please check a look on my blog:


    Thank you so much for visiting, hope you like it


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