Have a little Water Fun with Tia and Tobie!

Have a little Water Fun with Tia and Tobie!

Hi again, Odd Friends!  Leah the Orange here for another sunny reveal!  Did yesterday’s reveal blow your mind?  Well get ready for this one to blow everything out of the water!  🙂  We have another new digi that’s available, and some of you saw it over the weekend if you joined us for our Facebook Fun Day event…  Well the cat’s already out of the bag, so let’s just get to it, shall we?  It’s Tobie and Tia, starring in….


 These kids are ALL ready for a day of play outside!  What better way to spend a hot summer afternoon (with lots of sunscreen)?!  Our Odd Girls ate this one up, too.  Ready to check out their gorje projects?

Leah C




I know, RIGHT?!  Absolutely beautiful!

What do you think of the New Release so far?  Don’t the kidlets look like they’re having TONS of fun, like brothers and sisters do?  *giggle*  If only they could ALWAYS get along this well!  Join us again tomorrow for something a little more relaxing, and we hope you’re inspired!


  1. This digi is Fab. Love the DT cards using it.
    hugs, Heidi

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