Project Feature – Glass tiles for magnets and pendants

Project Feature – Glass tiles for magnets and pendants

Good morning!  It’s Arabella here with my first project feature post and first ever tutorial, so please bear with me!  Here’s what I want to share with you how to make today…

 Glass tile magnets, a pendant and a Prof Hoot keyring that I thought would be perfect for a wee graduation gift, especially if you made a matching card to go with it!

So, let’s get started!  Here’s what you will need…

  • Images to use on your tiles
  • Glossy Accents, Glamour Glaze or something similar
  • Strong glue
  • Pendant casings
  • Glass tiles
  • Punches to match the size of your tiles 
  • Strong magnets if you want to make magnets
  • Chain for the pendants or a keyring if you are making keyrings
I got my supplies from Annie Howes on Etsy.  
To start with, I resized my  Some Odd Girl digital stamps down to very small in Word before printing them out.  In retrospect I think next time I would leave just a little bit more space between them for the circular punch.
I coloured my images in with copics.  Since they were so small they didnt take very long to colour.  One tip for colouring small images with copics is that it may be easier to skip the middle colour in your blending trio and just use the lightest and darkest to blend with as it is a such a small area you are colouring and you don’t want to over-saturate the area.  
Once the images are coloured, lay the glass tiles over the top to see how they will look and then punch them out (or cut them to size with a craft knife).  I turn my punch over so I can see exactly where it is punching:
For the square tiles, you can round the corners of the images with detail scissors now before you start the gluing stage.  As well as images, I stamped some SOG sentiments onto colourful scraps of DP to use as magnets.
The next step is to clean the tiles before adding a blob of Glamour Glaze to the top of the image or sentiment and placing tile on top.  I found the easiest way to do this was to put the blob of glue in the centre and then lay the tile on top and smoosh the glue to the edges.
Let the tiles dry for a few hours (preferably on a non-stick baking sheet).  Then turn them over and coat the back surface with the Glamour Glaze as well before leaving them to dry overnight.

 Once the glaze is dry, you can decide what you want to do with the tiles.  Use the super strong glue to add magnets to the back or glue the tiles into pendant casings.  I suggest purchasing the very strong Neodymium magnets if you are going to make magnetic tiles as there is nothing more annoying than fridge magnets that won’t hold anything up!



Something else I discovered while making these is that the Copic Opaque white on Prof Hoot’s eyes smudged when I added the glue, but the pen I used on the girl’s eyes did not.  I’m not sure if that was because I didn’t let give the Copic Opaque white time to dry properly first or if it just does that.  I would recommend you experiment with that.  I also noticed that some of the reds smudged a bit… I suspect that is because the ink was over-saturated in those areas.

Here are my finished pendants:

These images are all available in the SOG shop.  From left to right I have here:

Mushroom Fairy, Giggle Fairy, Kimono Kaylee, Kite Flyin Mae, Shy Kaylee and Angel Kaylee.


I hope you enjoyed my wee tutorial!  




  1. Awesome!!! That looks easier than the Shrinky Dink paper I tried to work with last weekend!

  2. Oh Arabella these are simply adorable!!! I love each and everyone! Gorgeous!

  3. Your wee tutorial was just lovely Arabella.. and the finished product came out soo fab! 😛 TFS

  4. Absolutely fabulous work. Love the idea! Bet you couldn’t make these fast enough, there’s such a big market for this sort of thing.

  5. sooooo cuuute! I’m gonna have to make those, it would be a great “thanks for coming to my birthday” present =0D

  6. Great tutorial! You did an awesome job for your “first”! Looking forward to your next one!

    Great graduation gift idea… the key chain!

  7. Adorable idea!

  8. This are amazing & Thanks for a fabbie tutorial too…
    These would make great gifts for birthday or chrimbo!!

    hugs and xxx

  9. Arabella I love these. I am going to try my hand at this!
    Thank you for your tutorial

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