Bib Card Tutorial

Bib Card Tutorial

It’s baby fever here around me. A lot of my friends are having a baby really soon and so I need to make a few baby cards. Instead of just making the standard rectangle or square card, I thought I’d make a card with a special shape. I think a bib card would be so fitting, and it’s quite easy to do. This card uses Baby Snuggle Kaylee, which is a total must have! Let me show you how! 🙂

You will need round scallop and round die cut to cut. And first of all, cut two pieces of a cardstock from the largest round scallop die you have. On one scallop, score the edge about 1/2 inch in

Now line up the two scallops again, this time the scored side up and the cut a very small circle on top just like the picture below. You can secure the die to the paper using tape if you like.

Now cut a circle that’s slightly smaller than the scallop using a neutral colored cardstock for matting and an even smaller one using a patterned paper. Stack them together like pictured below.

Now line up the top scallop (the one without the scored line) and the round card. Adhere them together.

Using the round scallop as a guide, trim the top center from the matted patterned paper.

On the bottom round scallop (the one with scored line) adhere a ribbon, but make sure that it doesn’t go over the scored line.

Still above the scored lines, put a tape or adhesive then adhere both the top and bottom scallops together.

And you’re done with your base! Just decorate it as you wish and you just made one of the cutest shaped cards ever 😀 Have fun!


  1. So cute and it looks so easy! I will have to give it a go! But first, I need to get that digi!


  2. stinking adorable fabulous idea!! we just had 2 babies and another one in September gonna work on this for the new babies in our family!thank you

  3. Oh this is absolutely gorgeous…

    I have just been & bought some more images & thought this image was one of them but to my disappointment i must if clicked on the wrong one & bought an image i already had :o(
    should of checked but i didn’t ooops!!

    Thanks for sharing this gorgeous tutorial with us!
    hugs and xxx

  4. OMG this is awesome, thank you so much for the tut, I looove this xxx

  5. So cute, wonderful tutorial, can’t wait to try it outX:)

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