Recognize these faces? Design team introductions day 2!

Recognize these faces? Design team introductions day 2!

 Hi ya everyone, Melissa here to say: welcome to day two of design team introductions!!!  Did you catch all the newbies yesterday?  No? Scroll down to yesterday’s post see all the lovely new Oddies! 

Today, I want to share four fabulous seasoned Odd Girls’ creations.  We love these ladies so much and last term they proved to be immensely vital to our team.  Each shared so much enthusiasm and talent that we just had to keep them around for another term here at Some Odd Girl.  In addition to their creations for the August Sketch Challenge, I’d love to share their short biography’s as well.  I love to learn about the people I work with and I’m excited to share their stories with you too!

Without further ado, let’s meet more Odd Girls!

Leah Crowe – Blog: Leah’s Crafty Life

“Hello friends! My name is Leah Crowe,  mid 30’s, married to my sweetheart, Doug for the last 10 years, been together 17 years total. (Yeah, took him awhile to propose.. hehe)  I’m also a stay at home mom and have four children ages 20, 16, 7, and 6. They keep me pretty busy when they are home, so I find myself able to get crafty during the day or after they’ve been put to bed for the night. My husband not only supports my love of crafting, he’s usually the first one to go out and buy me the things I love off my wish list. I’m very fortunate to have such a sweet man in my life. When I’m not crafting or playing games on Facebook, I enjoy lounging in bed watching TV Shows with the hubs or playing games with the kids. I started coloring with Copic markers in July 2011 using Some Odd Girl stamps. I have noticed over the last year I pull of Clean and Simple better than I do layered when it comes to card making.  I love all colors, espesh bright ones and I also adore smilie faces! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am overjoyed to continue on my ODD adventure here at Some Odd Girl!”
Check out Leah’s gorgeous creation using Super Tobie


Faye Wynn-Jones – Blog: Stampin Fluffnstuff

“Hellio!  I’m Faye; AKA Fluff, Monica, (think Friends.) Wife, Mum, Obsessive Cumpulsive, Self-confessed Stashoholic and E-mail/ Blog Stalker. I inhabit a strange, quirky and fluffy place called FayeWorld, but I can be momentarily lured back to Earth with cakes and/ or choklit. Married to Very Understanding Hubby, who loves me, even though I regularly sneak Illegal and Naughty Stash through Baggage Control. (But I neeeeeeeeeed it!) I’d like to say our son, Sweet Cheeks keeps me out of mischief, but I have an uncanny knack for finding and getting into trouble. However, he does keep me busy! When I’m not being Mummy, I will often be found in The Flufferie, my craft room, along with a substantial stash of jelly beans. Oh, happy days!”

I love this beautiful creation by Faye using Guitar Kody


Arabella – Blog:  Chickie Chirps

“Hi, my blog name is Arabella.  I am the chef and stewardess on a 38m super-yacht.  My husband and I have been working together in the super-yacht industry for seven years now, after he finally convinced me to take a break from my scientific career to join him traveling the world and getting paid to do it.   We have done quite a bit of traveling on yachts so far, but our current yacht is based in Greece and we don’t get to travel as much on this one, but the plus side is that we have an apartment to ourselves and we don’t have to share living spaces (except on the weekends when we are out on the boat).

 Crafting in my spare time keeps me sane as there is not much happening here in Greece and the language is really difficult to learn.  I love to colour with copics and only wish I had the whole set!   I have collected loads of crafting stuff here (I seem to have a bit of a compulsive shopping problem)…  I’m not sure what is going to happen with all the stuff I have collected when we finally head back to NZ!   I am so super excited to be an Odd Girl!  I love Kristy’s images and this team is so full of talent, it blows me away!”

 Look at this fabulous Japanese inspired creation by Arabella using the gorgeous Kimono Kaylee


Annette Allen – Blog: My Clever Creations

 “Hi My name is Annette Allen, I am a housewife and I love the Lord. I have been married for 17 years to a wonderful man. I am from Colorado but have had the opportunity to travel the world. I am now a California girl and my favorite shoes are flip flops and flip flops. I have two dogs that are like my children and they totally rule the house. I would like to think of myself as a fun person. I try and enjoy each day and live it to the fullest. My pleasures are crafting, camping and traveling. I started making cards back in 1997 and have not paused for a minute. I am and forever will be a crafter. I like to explore new places and try new things. Thank you for letting me share a little bit about myself. I hope that you will enjoy my creations and look forward to new friendships.”

“Happy Crafting.”

Annette’s fabulous soft and subtle creation using Coy Kaylee

Melissa Andrew – Blog: Melissa Made

“Hi ya, I’m Melissa a 35 year old wife and mother of two sweet girls (8 and almost 2) and one rotten kitty. I’m from a small town in Ohio but now live in Portland, OR where I work as a Research Associate. My job allows me to come home and forget about it so that I can spend time with my family and my crafting! I’m a jabber jaw once you get me started but have often been compared to Eeyore! I didn’t start paper crafting really until 2010 and I fell hard core in LOVE! Luckily, I have the best hubs in the world that has not only supported my habit but has been known to go out and buy me tons of Odd Girl stamps! I have a complete addiction to Copics and pretty paper. You’ll find most of my creations are clean and simple as I like to showcase the images, papers and my coloring. Aside from crafting I love to read and find myself reaching for my Kindle when not crafting. My family inspire me everyday to create something new and I’ve actually found myself watching hubs play his favorite video games to inspire creativity! I love searching for inspiring ideas in the world around me. I’m SO thrilled to be working with the Odd girls!”

Last, my fun creation using Love Letter Kaylee

Tomorrow join us for some more familiar faces and some more inspiration for our August Sketch Challenge at 9am EST then at NOON be back here to hop! 

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  1. What a fab new team – even if most of them are my friends! – I can’t wait to see what they do for SOG!!

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