“Watercoloring” with Copic Markers

“Watercoloring” with Copic Markers


Hi Oddies! Kristy here today with a tutorial for you using Copic markers. If you’re like me you love the rich colors that you can get with your markers but I have this secret love for the soft look that I see people getting by watercolor painting with their Distress Inks. So today I have a tutorial that you can use to get a similar look by using your copics. 

To get started you need:

a waterbrush filled with Colorless Blender which is what you’ll be doing your painting with
a piece of scrap plastic try being green by using old packaging 
a stamped image I’m using Wishes, make sure it is completely dry
copic markers obviously lol (I used the pictured above plus YG23 for the eyes)

When choosing the colors you will use, remember that we’ll be laying these down with a brush of colorless blender so the colors will be watered down versions of the original. Choosing richer, darker colors will show better than the lighter colors you might normally go to. 

Another fun thing about this technique is its portability. Since copics will adhere to any non-porous surface and stay there until you take it off with the colorless blender, you can color a sheet of plastic with multiple colors then just take the plastic and brush with you instead of a bunch of markers. 

Ok, back to the tut! This is a combination of the Pallet blending method and watercoloring. 

Take your colors and create your pallet of colors on the plastic just by scribbling on the plastic to transfer the ink from marker to the plastic so you can pick it up.

Use your waterbrush to pick up the color from your pallet (make sure the bristles are wet or you’ll get nothing). Unlike using the markers alone but like watercoloring you’ll want to paint the areas you want darkest FIRST then use the wet brush to blend outward.

Make sure to use a light touch and try not to over saturate the paper with colorless blender or it will bleed further than you intend. You can go back and layer more color once its dry as well.

a couple tips…

if you are painting sections of different colors and don’t want them to bleed together, make sure the first section is dry before painting the adjoining section.

test your colors on a scrap piece before jumping in, that way you’ll know if they are right for what you’re coloring. Watercoloring in them in this way makes them come out slightly different that you might expect.

You can also use your Various Ink refills for this technique.

to clean your waterbrush as you go just squeeze out a bit of colorless blender and wipe on a rag.


Just like using your markers, practice makes perfect with this technique so have fun and experiment with it! If you use this we’d love to see it! Either leave us a link here or show us on our Facebook page




  1. now this is cool…I did not know you could do that with copics…looks amazing..

  2. What a brilliant idea! You are inspired. x

  3. Wow!, Kristy,
    I can’t wait to try this techique. Thank you for your wonderful ideas and tutorials.

  4. Such a fabulous idea! Love your picture and the effect…what colors would u suggest for skin since it seems darker colors may work best.

    1. Author

      I used E95 in the tut above. its not a color I would normally pick for skin but it had the right color but in a more saturated way. I would test some colors out and see what you like best.

  5. Can you do this with Digi’s?

    1. Author

      I haven’t tried it yet but I would think so. 🙂

  6. Oh and what kind of paper did you use? This is gorgeous BTW

    1. Author

      I used the Copic Xpress It but I bet different papers would work and change the look.

  7. What ink did you use to stamp the image with?

    1. Author

      I always use Memento with my copics 🙂

  8. What an awesome tutorial Kristy! Love this idea I will definitely have to give it a go 🙂

  9. Pretty cool tip Kristy!! 🙂

  10. Awesome! I’ve done palette blending with my blender pen but I LOVE the effect with a “water” pen!

  11. Wow!! Very cool! Didn’t know that you could use Copics for this. (saw this technique with Distress MArkers)
    TFS!! 🙂

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