The newest KAYLEES in our little Digital Family!

The newest KAYLEES in our little Digital Family!

Mornin’, Odd friends!  Leah the Orange with you on this magnificent Monday, and I can’t believe it’s time for this release already!  We are kicking off this week with some new digis for your holiday crafting pleasure!  Today’s Kaylees speak for themselves…  You know the holiday crafting is a necessity, so why wait?  We’ve got just the inspiration for you to get started, and these new lovelies are available in the store NOW! 

First up, something of a reinvention – this little miss is sure to warm your hearts!  Please welcome the new Elf Kaylee to the Some Odd Girl family!

And if you needed an idea or two, let’s see what fabulosity
was born in the creative minds of our Odd Girls!


Lou Mac


Doesn’t she have the cutest little ears?  And she’s got quite the knack, to be balancing those presents like that, doesn’t she?  🙂  We love this chickadee, and I think it’s so cute the way her hair flips up around her face (and I can totally relate!).  But wait!  There’s more gorgeousness ahead!  :))

I am proud to introduce a spunky gal who was also born at CHA, whilst I was eating the umpteenth omelet with cheese and mushrooms.  😉  Annette and I watched her come to life, and we think Kristy hit a grand slam with PIRATE KAYLEE!


Our Odd Girls were pretty excited about this one, as
you’ll see from their samples below.  Check ’em out!

 Anna Maria





Yep.  Told you.  TOTALLY dying to get this show on the road, because I’ve been drooling over these images since mid-July and I am so excited to FINALLY be able to share these with all of you!  Now if you’ll kindly leave a comment below and tell me…  If you were a pirate, told to walk the plank (and there were hungry sharks swimming below), what SONG is the last one you’d want to hear before becoming dinner? 

Tomorrow, another new digi (or two!), and another question for you to answer.  All comments must be received by this THURSDAY at midnight EST, and we will have one winner each day (who will get the digis released that day, so feel free to comment every day!).  

We also have our Instagram contest taking place right now (follow us – SomeOddGirl – and upload your projects using hashtag #someoddgirl – we’re looking for all of your MAE projects!), as well as our September Sketch Challenge, and our Monochromatic Coloring Challenge (deets are HERE – be sure to share your projects in our Facebook group HERE!).  There is certainly NO shortage of things to do with the Odd Girls this month, so go on with your bad selves!  You’ve got some “work” to do!  😀


  1. Wow! These are amazing!

  2. I LOVE them both!!! The Pirate is just too awesome!

  3. i would love to hear the song manic monday it by far my favorite song. thanks for the chance to win and i love the new digis.

  4. Amazing Images .. I Would Like To Hear The Song I WILL Survive! Fits Having To Walke The Plank Hehehe..

  5. Walking Sunshine! It’s got a great beat and at least I would have a smile? on my face before I became Jaws’s dinner.

  6. LOVE THESE IMAGES!! If I were a pirate walking the plank, I would want to hear “Yo Ho, Yo Ho. A Pirates Life for Me”. 🙂

  7. Oh my gosh I just about jumped off the plank after that image! I didn’t think anything would top my fav Woodsy Mae until I saw Pirate Kaylee!! Well first of all “Yo HO Yo Ho a Pirates Life for me” first came to mind as the song I would want to hear, but I think “Survival” by Muse would be what I would want hear to encourage me to swim away from the sharks! LOL! Great question, what a great way to start out a Monday!! 🙂

  8. I’m having trouble thinking of a song but I really like the Wlking on Sunshine idea. Couldn’t be sad if you tried when that song is on. 🙂

    Once again, a fab job, Kristy. Love ’em both!

  9. very cute

  10. Soooooo love them. Great projects ladies.

  11. Adorable new images! The song I’d probably choose is Under Pressure. lol hugs, Kimberly

  12. These boots are made for walking…

  13. I love the new images! The song going thru my head right now would be “Anything Can Happen” by Ellie Goulding….I think that’s appropriate!

  14. Very cute images… what song eh? “Just Keep swimming” from the Nemo movie! Hee hee!

  15. AWE these images are cuties too!!! Ummm…I guess the song I would go out with would have to be Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO!!!!

  16. Gorgeous newbies and fab DT makes! Probably, always look on the bright side of life…!

  17. If I was told to walk the plank, hmmm I’d want to hear my favourite song at the moment, Survive by Rise Against, it’s one of their older songs, but I love the lyrics….

  18. Gosh, that’s a toughie but it would probably be something motivating like “Eye of the Tiger” or something!

  19. Really cute images I love them both. my song would be
    Beyonce ” love on top”….I love that song.

  20. hahaha, what a funny question. Love that pirate btw. Last song before walking the plank huh, I want to break free from Queen, aarrrg. I want to break free from those sharks don’t I, matey!!

  21. My husband yelled from the other room “Going Under” by Evanescence and I just started cracking up LOL 😛

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