A Magnetic Mae Day

A Magnetic Mae Day

Howdy SOG gals!!  Rachel Parys here, with a quick little project idea that is sure to be a hit with your friends and family!  Everyone loves getting your gorgeous cards with favorite Some Odd Girl images, but they can only sit around the house for so long, until they are finally tossed (gasp), or put away for safe keeping.  Here’s an idea to keep them on display for as long as the receiver would like, without being  in the way.


Some of you may have already figured this out, but since I have made a few, I have had several requests for them! 

Here’s sweet little Roller Mae!

Cute little Sweet Thinkin’ Mae.

And awesome Thank You Mae!

(I must have been on a Mae roll!)  As you can see, you can use whatever size/shape you want!  I cut out my base with a Nestabilities shape and a piece of chipboard.  Then I cut out a piece of paper, the same shape as my base, to cover the chipboard.  When I am finished, I simply turn it over and attach magnets to the back!  So simple!


Thanks for joining us today for this quick and easy Magnetic Mae Day tutorial!  We hope you’ll join us tomorrow with a Speed Coloring Video from Kristy!


  1. These are gorgeous!! Cute!

  2. I hate to toss any of the homemade cards I receive – this is a great idea!!

  3. Super cool!! Where would you recommend getting magnets? Do they have them at Office Depot or Staples? Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. oh these are really Gorgeous!!! LOVE them all!!! Hugs!!!

  5. My heart seriously skips a beat whenever I see a SOG girl! Wonderful magnets and the coloring is superb!

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