Wednesday Color Along Wrap Up

Wednesday Color Along Wrap Up

Sorry for the delay on yesterdays Live Color Along Wrap Up post, Trick or Treating was happening and you know I can’t resist Milk Duds 😉

Yesterday on our Live Color Along on our Ustream Channel I colored Unicorn Mae! We had a few firsts on this color along since I’d never colored Unicorn Mae before! BAD BAD artist, I know! But I really enjoyed coloring it with you!  I went with a Pink and Green color combo as why be restricted by the rules on a Unicorn on Halloween, am I right?

(click on the pics to see them bigger)

We talked about how to hold your marker for greater control, and coloring consistency as well as answering other viewer questions.

Speaking of consistency, after the Live Color along was over I noticed in chatting with all the lovely peeps I broke my own rule! I brought in V99 to color some darker shadows (you can see it on her face) but I missed bringing that to the rest of the image which was my intention so that’s what I did! I couldn’t leave it alone.

You can compare the two and see that adding the V99 across the whole image brought the consistency to the image that brings it together. I’m much happier now lol. 

Here’s our color list for this week…

Skin: E000, E00, E11, E04, V99, R30, R32
Hair: RV21, RV23, RV17, RV19 (V99)
Fur: E81, E84, E87 (V99) 
Hooves: E42, E43
Eyes: Y03, Y07, Y17
Clothing: YG0000, YG00, YG91, YG95, RV63, RV66, RV66, E74, E77, Y21, Y23, Y26, Y28, (V99)
Horn:  FYG1

And an update from last week on the paper, I will be bringing it into the shop so keep and eye out and I’ll keep you updated!

We also had our first Color Along color alonger…. I need a better name for that but you get the idea. Katie Perry was inspired to color Unicorn Mae in her own way and its GORGEOUS!

I really love how she did the legs and the sky too is great! Katie flipped the image and gave it her own spin which looks fantastic. Thanks for Coloring Along Katie!

If you were inspired to color Unicorn Mae please link up in the comments so we can check out what you did too!

Join me NEXT Wednesday at 1pm where we will color Flower Fairy! If you have her now or pick her up before then please Color Along! 😀



  1. I will be trying to watch this video tomorrow but I am in love with your coloring and the image already! And I love how Katie made this image her own–I love seeing the different interpretations of the same image:) And yay for getting that paper into your shop–can’t wait:)

  2. Thanks for sharing my coloring Kristy! I had a blast with the Ustream- thanks for taking the time to color with us and share your knowledge 🙂 Hugs, Katie

  3. Quick question: on the UStream, you said you used YG03, YG07 and YG17 but on this wrap up it looks like it was Y not YG. It looks like it’s probably YG, but just wanted to clarify because I love the combo. Thanks!

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