What’s not to love?! :) NEW CLEAR STAMPS! (comment to win)

What’s not to love?! :) NEW CLEAR STAMPS! (comment to win)

Morning, Odd friends!  Leah the Orange here, totally excited to share the very first set from our CLEAR RELEASE – it’s a lovie-dovie one!  This week will be full of gorgeous projects from our Odd Girls, and today, we are laying it on THICK!  🙂  I know we’re not quite out of the Christmas season, but Valentine’s Day is not far off, so we can’t waste time, people!  Let’s roll!

First up, the sweet Mae is daydreaming and hoping, and I’m sure you know what she’s saying here, right?  Please welcome… 

Love Me Not Mae!  🙂

Wouldn’t she look lovely in a whole field of daisies?
On a hill by a cute little farmhouse?
Tucked away into a little window seat in a cozy porch?

Let’s see how our Odd Girls were inspired…

 Lou Mac





I love how each of our ladies has approached their project with totally different papers, colors and shapes.  But isn’t it funny how they each used the same sentiment?!  I think they’ve made Love Me Not Mae look absolutely GORGEOUS, and so sophisticated!

Do you remember that first crush?  Do you remember their name?  How old were you?  Was it a case of unrequited love, or did the magic happen?  🙂  Leave us a comment below and tell us what you remember about your first crush, and one lucky person will win this set!

My first crush?  A fella named Jamie Hood (the poor dude) – we were in first grade together, and every day for WEEKS I chased him around the playground until I caught up with him and planted a HUGE smooch right on his lips!  We were good friends while we attended the same school together, but it was DEFINITELY a case of unrequited love.  WOE IS ME!  (For the record, the teacher called my Mom and said I needed to go easy on the poor kid!)

So there you have it!  Hope you like what we’ve got in store for you this week!  Two more stamp sets to share (they’re all available NOW – just CLICK HERE to see!), and LOADS more inspiration from our illustrious Odd Girls!

Happy Monday, folks!  See you tomorrow, same Odd time, same Odd channel!  😉


  1. Love me not Mae is so sweet, and I spent a lot of time during my teenage summers picking petals of flowers… My first crush was a boy namned Fredrik, he was in my class in second grade and it was definitely a case of unrequited love – I was the shy, mousy, geek with just a few friends and absolutely nothing in the world could have made me tell anyone about this crush!

  2. So cute. I love the variations in the samples of how it is colored, but my favorite is the one in Purple.

  3. Love me Mae is so pretty! Love it! My first crush was a boy named Jose. It was in Kindergarten and boy was I consistent. We had a mutual friend(another boy) that I would give a small letter to every day and my friend would walk to the end of the hallway where my crush would stand with his friends and give him my note. Every single day, morning actually before classes started,lol. He never came up to me or anything and I kept writing. I would even put them in an envelope with a little heart sticker to close it. I don’t even remember what I would write in those notes. I now look back on that and grimace since I would never do something like that now!

  4. very cute stamp. thanks for sharing

  5. I love that stamp! So cute. ^_^ My first crush was a boy named Riley when I was 5. We kissed behind his mother’s rose bushes on his parent’s farm. He lived a few hours away, so all we got was that one kiss on a Sunday afternoon. He brought me one of those roses that night at church though! Alas, it wasn’t meant to be… 🙂

  6. Love Me Not Mae is a great set. She is so pretty.
    My first crush was when I was in 1st grade to an older man…a 2nd grader. He was a sweet little boy named Johnny that liked me too. We went to the same school…he was on the Pee-Wee football team and I was a Pee-Wee cheerleader. I remember that he gave me a Paul Stanley KISS card for my birthday. LOL!!!

  7. totally love all these great samples. i remember that he was cute and sweet and that i thought he was everything.

  8. I SO LOVE this stamp set. I remember my first high school crush was a boy that I had quite a few classes with and he was a year older than me and his name was Craig. He was so cute and sweet but of course paid me not much attention other than to be friends in school. TFS

  9. Beautiful stamp set. Yes, I remember my first crush – his family joined our church when I was in the first grade. He was the same age and crushed on him for years. He is the sweetest and kindest man. I’m still proud to call him a friend.

  10. ow cute is this set! i love the fact you get extra petals as stamps too!. i remeber my first crush..it was in 3rd grade and his name was damian. i really liked him and he was new to school. i remember him giving me a pac man ruler and i was so excited! OMG that shows how old i am…pac man!!!

  11. My first crush was Tom Selleck! The only man I like with a moustache!!

    Love this sweet Mae!!

  12. My first crush was when I was 5 and it was on my best friend Gary who was also 5….haha. Awesome Mae set!

  13. oh i remember my first crush… ended being my high school sweet heart and then my daughters father.. we aren’t together anymore but I remember that feeling of pure love – so sweet!!!

  14. She is soooo cute!!!! I remember my first crush in eighth grade, and thank goodness it was just a crush!! Funny how you “see” the light down the road!!

  15. Mine was in first grade, too. I remember coming home and telling my mom I thought he was cute. She very wisely squelched it quickly by explaining that I was way too young to worry about such things. 🙂 Wish I’d have listened to that advice later on in life! 🙂

  16. What a beautiful set! My first crush? Clancy, with blue eyes. He was cute!

  17. My first crush was in kindergarten. I don’t remember his name now, but I remember that he shared his snacks with me during “apple juice & snack time” – something some guys won’t even do when they’re adults! 😀

  18. Love this set!!! … It was the 3rd grade and his name was Israel Martinez. He had the most gorgeous eyes. They were sooo bright and clear they were almost void of color. I remember sitting on the jungle gym when he told me he liked me. I gave him the craziest look and bolted! I don’t know why I did that when I actually liked him too!!! I must’ve really believed in the whole cootie epidemic LOL … He dodged me after that and then moved away the next school year 🙁

  19. Wonderful new stamp!
    Perfect for valentine I think…or just to tell somebody how deep yur love is.
    My first crush…uhhh…long ago. I was 10 or 11 and we were on holiday. He was a 16 or 17 year old guy and looked really great to my young eyes. For these two weeks he was the only one I looked at. But of course, he didn’t notice me at all, I just was a child 😀

  20. Great new set! I love the Mae image and all of the sentiments. This one may just be a ‘must have’!

  21. I love you. I love you not. My first crush…it was a boy that sat behind me in just about every class. Teachers would set us alphabetically. I remember those nervous flutters because he was always right there behind me. And he would lean in to whisper something in my ear. I caught up with him this summer. Ironically, my husband was coaching his son on his t-ball team. My son threw up on his son at second base. Second base. He-he! 🙂 true story.

  22. My first crush was in second grade and lasted 3 yrs. I don’t think he ever had a clue:). Mae s super cute here!

  23. Mae is so cute…perfect for Valentines Day!
    My first crush was a guy named Bryan, in first grade. For Halloween he was Luke Skywalker and I was Princes Leah. True 70s love there!!!!!

  24. My very first crush was in kindergarden. His name was Thomas. We sat next to each other in class. I still see him from time to time and then we call each other ‘my kindergardensweetheart’. 🙂

  25. My first crush…hmmm. I had a crush on a little boy in Kindergarten named Anthony…he kissed my cheek once and we never saw each other after kindergarten.

  26. Oh my, I love her! What an adorable image, love all the new releases. My first crush was a boy named Josh. I was in 4th grade and I was so in love with him! It was, alas, unrequited 🙂 But, everything happens for a reason and my husband is amazing 🙂
    Hugs, Christine

  27. This is an AWESOME stamp—love it!!My first crush started in Pre-K…right until 3rd grade, when the boy kicked me!!! I was heartbroken…lol….the week after, I was ‘in love’ again with someone else!

  28. She is really sweet. Danny came over and sat on our front porch for Valentines Day eating the homemade cut out heart cookies I made for him. I think it was 5th grade.

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