This cutie’s gonna steal your heart! Comment to win!

This cutie’s gonna steal your heart! Comment to win!

Good morning, Odd friends, and WELCOME BACK!  Leah the Orange here, and it’s day 2 of our lovie-dovie clear stamp release, and we’ve got a couple of totally ADORBS little critters to share today!  Remember – leave comments for each day of our new release, and you could win the stamp set from that day!  BUT be sure to read carefully, ‘cuz just leaving a comment isn’t gonna cut it – you have to answer the question each day to get your name in the proverbial hat.  🙂

So you totally dig Love Me Not Mae, right?  Is she not FABULOUS?!  Well today, we’re reaching out to all the critter fans out there (we know some of you are die hards, and we totally appreciate the SOGgy love you show!) – you don’t see many of these critters out there in the stamping world, so we hope you’ll enjoy…..



Let’s take a look at the faberooni projects from our talented Odd Girls, shall we? 🙂



Lou Mac



Love Bandit

Leah the Orange


We all did something a little different with this sweet little raccoon, but one thing’s for sure…  we couldn’t wait to give him/her some ODD LURRRRRVE!  What a fun character to color!  I love how it looks like he/she is guarding the heart, like it’s being protected and cherished!  TOO CUTE, and too perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any day to say “I LOVE YOU”… 

So.  Here’s your chance to win this clear set (which comes with two racoons, three sentiments, and a double-heart accent).  Leave a comment below and tell us if you’ve ever STOLEN anything in your lifetime!  I know, I know, not romantic, but I love seeing that OTHER side of our crafty friends, and it reminds me that we’re ALL human!

Personally, I got caught stealing makeup from a K-Mart store back when I was, oh, maybe 11 years old.  I had made a new friend, and I totally crumbled to the peer pressure, because I thought she was SO cool and I wanted her to her like me.  When the police showed up and our moms got involved, it was pretty safe to say that was the end of the friendship!

How about you?  Ever stolen anything?  Even out of a sibling’s closet?  🙂  Share your stories, and I’ll draw a winner who will get this super cute Love Bandit set!  You have until tomorrow (Wednesday) at midnight EST to leave your comments and you could win one of our three new release sets!  GOOD LUCK, and stay odd, dear friends!  😀


  1. I love that set! so adorable!

    My sister used to lay out her Sunday outfit the night before so she could sleep in a little Sunday morning. We shared a room, and if she had ticked me off the previous week, I would hide her left shoe somewhere in the room and ruin her outfit plans. I usually got in trouble for making us late to church, but it was worth it to see her frantically searching the room for that other shoe.

  2. I just love these raccoons! Too cute! In 3rd grade I got into the habit of stealing some of the books from the class library. I stole about 10 different books and one day the teacher noticed the books were missing and demanded to know who was taking them or she would close the “library”. She looked around the classroom and questioned the kids that would usually start trouble. And never suspected little goody two shoes me. She ended up closing the library for the rest of the year. I felt so bad but I was 9 or 10 and I forgot about it shortly. But i did end my stealing ways after that. I love to read but you should never steal a book to fulfill your nerdy needs,lol:)

  3. How cute. I love it.
    In third grade I stoled stickers from the teachers desk. They were the ones that smelled. I loved them so much I wanted them all. I got caught by the teacher and my punishment was to clean the girls sinks for a week after school. thank god they didn’t make me clean the toilet. lol

  4. Naw, these little one are just too cute! Love the blushed cheeks Rachel has given them!

    Here’s another library thief… but a romantic one! I stole a book of poems from my junior high school library (or, more like didn’t return it…) because I had drawn little hearts and made notes in it…

  5. These are so cute I love Racoons they never really stole anything but we did have two babies that use to play with out chimes for hours on end they where so cute and we did feed them for their shows so I guess they stole our hearts 🙂

  6. He is just adorable.

  7. Oh my goodness, this is soo adorable.

  8. if i do not win i am so buying this set straight away!!! i am a huge sucker for animals! and speaking of animals i stole my friends mouse in high school biology cause i did not want him to put it to sleep and disect it! i popped it in my lunch box brought it home showed my mum who picked it up and then the mouse proceeded to pee on her hand so mum made me give it back!

  9. Oh, this is adorable! And yes, sadly I have stolen something way in the past. I was little and I really wanted a watch of my own, so when I found one on a bathroom counter I took it. No one was there, so I figured why not? Eventually someone was upset as they’d simply forgot it after washing their hands, but I never admitted that I took it. You know, I never wore that watch cause I was afraid somehow someone would know it wasn’t really mine. Eventually I just threw it away.

  10. oh these are soooo cute!!!!! love what the DT did with the stamp!!!
    Yes sadly I’ve done the same thing, gave into peer pressure and stole some jewelry from the mall in jr high.. I know I stole things from my sisters closet to wear several times.. totally guilty!!!

  11. Hmmmm. I can honestly say that I haven’t stole anything. At least not that I can remember. And I do take money out of the husband’s hat and forget to tell him about it. But I figure that I contribute a paycheck to the family income. So technically that’s not stealing, right? I love the little bandit. He’s so cute.

  12. I stole my sister’s stuffed animal in third grade and lied about it! Don’t worry, my mom made me give it back:). Love love love this cutie raccoon!

  13. These little bandits are so cute. However, I have a clean record and have no thefts in my past. whew…clean record! Okay…maybe I have “stolen” my husband’s change out of his change jar. Gotta’ support that caffeine addiction somehow!

  14. awwww….they are soooo cute!
    Love them.
    As a little child I stole some candy out of my grandpas desk. 🙂

  15. Cute stamps, those racoon’s are lovely. As for stealing anything, guess I’m not too guilty, but I have to say if Pringles aren’t kept under lock and key in our house, they are gone! I tell my boys to hide them cause I sniff them out a mile off and many’s the time I’ve gone down to tidy their room’s & by the time I’m done there’s an empty Pringle tube in the bin! Jx

  16. Those “bandits” are soooo cute! I have not one memory of ever stealing anything though my sisters may argue with that if you ask them.

  17. Oh these raccoons are ODD-dorable! 🙂 Oh I have stolen a few things in my day – wish I could say I didn’t but I was young and stupid! I did get caught and I learned my lesson the hard way! 🙂

  18. I can’t remember I ever stole something… but I think I did… maybe I banned it from my memory.

  19. Awww, who’d have thought a racoon could be this cute! No ‘stealing’ here, although I did nab “last cookies” from my big brother a lot when we were little…

  20. I stole a small cap from a neighborhood boy when I was little. I was so terrified of getting in trouble…he needed it for something, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was for! My mom did ask me about it later..I’m pretty sure I fessed up! LOL! These are SO adorable

  21. Cute raccoons!!!
    unfortunately, I had a rebellious streak when I was a teen (many years ago!!) and did some STUPID things…stealing was one. Learnt my lesson the very hard way, and ‘saw the light’!

  22. Awww so cute. I don’t remember stealing anything. I might have taken a favorite carmel out of my dad or mom’s See’s candy box and not tell them. And yes we all had our own boxes. He he he

  23. I still have a pair of my sister’s earrings from when I was in high school. Borrowing has a time limit, I do believe…

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