Mae’s got MOVES, folks, and COMMENT TO WIN! :)

Mae’s got MOVES, folks, and COMMENT TO WIN! :)

Goooooooood morning, crafty Oddles!  🙂  (Yeah, I made that up just now)

Leah the Orange here, on this LAST day of our new clear stamp release, and we have a DOOZIE for you.  This lady’s totally going to melt you – she’s sweet and a little coy and just SO pretty!  (And the sentiments in this set are AWESOMESAUCE, seriously!)

You’ve had the pleasure of meeting Love Me Not Mae, and our cute little critters in the Love Bandit set, so now I’d like to introduce you to…



 Our Odd Girls rocked this – I’m sure you’ll agree!  Let’s take a look at their creations…

Our Guest Designer Tara







Tracy Valure
(I totally LURRRRRVE this paper!)


SO.  Yeah, we love this one!  She comes with the FOUR different sentiments plus a double stripey heart, so there’s lots of room to play!  Make your own backgrounds, combine statements (like Kristy and Tracy did), or let this gal stand alone and take CENTER STAGE!  Either way, we’d love to see what you’ll do with her, and of course, YOU CAN WIN FLIRTY MAE FOR YOURSELF!  All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me this…

A celebrity plants a kiss on your cheek, and you vow to NEVER wash that cheek again.  Who is that celeb?

Leave us your comment by TONIGHT (midnight EST), ‘cuz we’ll have winners to announce TOMORROW!  And if you haven’t already done so, go back and leave comments to win Love Me Not Mae HERE, and Love Bandit HERE! I’ll be back tomorrow to make three people’s days!


  1. Oh Flirty Mae is beautiful! Everyone did an amazing job coloring her for their awesome projects. The celeb’s kiss I would never wash off my cheek…Robert Downey Jr.!

  2. Gorgeous girl! Love her flirty look!
    The kiss I’d never wash off would be from the lovely, cheekboned James Marsters! (Yes, I’m a total Buffy-nerd and have had a huge crush on Spike for years and years.)

  3. Wow love these. It’s amazing how different they all look 🙂
    Humm I’s guessing it would be Jensen Aclkes from supernatural
    thanks for the chance
    hugs Nikki

  4. The DT did rock it. The celeb would be Chris Evans. LOL!

  5. Love flirty Mae… Joe Manganiello aka Alcide Herveaux can give me a kiss anytime.

  6. I love this one – I can see me needing it very soon! My answer is simple and an easy one for me to answer the celeb has to be Robbie Williams! Without a doubt, he would have me all of a quiver! Ha ha. Great work as always. Take care Zo xx

    Zoe Young Kirkby (@CraftygasheadZo)
  7. Love this Mae too! The Celebrity…well..hummm…Chris O’Donnell. He is still just as cute as he was when he played Robin in one of the older Batman movies.

  8. love this stamp super cute. My answer is Johnny Depp

  9. wow love this set and the dt did a great job showing her off. my answer is vin disel of course

  10. Love her expressions, wow, the DT rocked it too!

  11. Love this stamp!=) My answer is Ryan Gosling!

  12. This cheek is saved for Tiger Woods!! Woop!! My hair would swing just like her hair.

  13. LOVE that stamp set and the wonderful work your ladies have done on it. I would have to reserve my cheek for Elvis!!!

  14. Oh it would have to be either Daniel Craig or Robert Downey Jr!

  15. And, because I hit submit before the 2nd part of the question ;D, my answer to the Q is David Tennant or, for those so inclined, the 10th Doctor!

  16. Knew the answer right away on this one. That would Dwayne Johnson..aka The Rock. I love that man! Had a crush on him for YEARS.

  17. Such a cute stamp!

    Oh I knew exactly how I would answer your question…
    Jared Leto!

  18. AWESOME stamp!!! brainer…Johnny Depp!!!

  19. This is the cutest stamp! I love how she’s a little flirty and shy all at once 🙂 My celeb crush would have to be Ryan Reynolds *swoon*

  20. oh wow… she is adorable!!! love it
    your going to laugh… but i love Keanu Reeves

  21. Love her! Ryan Reynolds or Joe Manganiello. Oh that would be lovely…

  22. Adorable stamp set! And the DT’s take…..awesome! I would say Ralph Fiennes or Jared Leto!

  23. I’m the sentimental type, so probably John Cusack. Say Anything is my favorite movie evah!

  24. LOL Matt Damon or Leonardo DiCaprio!

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