Featured Hopper: The Gangs All Here!

Featured Hopper: The Gangs All Here!

Wow, we’ve come to the end of our 3rd Annual Hol-ODD-day Hop! :noes: But don’t fret! You can continue to link up thru tonight and I may have some goodies for some more hoppers tomorrow during our Spotlight. So if you weren’t featured be hopeful as you may still get lucky! So go I say GO and link up!

This HAD to have its own feature! I’ve followed its development on Sammi’s Instagram (sammigirl if you want to follow her too) and its been awesome! It inspired the glasses on Gwen on the color along yesterday AND as far as holiday things go isn’t this what you want? The whole big family together and having fun! With cookies and presents no less! So much work went into this that its just awesome 🙂 So hop over to Sammi’s blog and hear and see more about this project (including the list of stamps) and check out more of Sammi’s awesome projects!

Well Oddies! I will see you back here tomorrow for that special Spotlight. In the meantime THANK YOU to everyone who linked up! It was really awesome fun and I know that with the holidays everyone is soooo super busy so taking the timeout to do that is extra special :DD HUGS!



  1. This is so fab! Although…I’m seriously thinking they all need the glasses. Haha 😀

  2. I saw this earlier this morning and thought it was FABULOUS! Great job Sammi!! And thanks for the wonderfully fun hop Kristy!! 🙂

  3. LOL!! The gingerbreads are driving. Love it!

  4. How fun, I love seeing all the images together for the Holidays 😉

  5. This was such a fun project and made me all uber excited to see so many lovely SOGs in one place!

  6. ooh :0 thanks for featuring my creation! It was so fun to make – I just love colouring up your little Oddies!! 😀 Tee hee.. I forgot when I made it that we drive on the other side of the road, sit in the other seat to drive and so it’s pretty funny that on the other side of the world the gingerbreads are driving 🙂

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