Cats or dogs?

Cats or dogs?



Hello 🙂

It’s Faye here today. Be gentle with me though, I’m feeeling a bit shy about it! 🙂

I love this time of year. In the UK, we’re past the darkest part of winter and if you go outside and have a really good look, you can see bulbs starting to peek through and buds on the trees. Spring is on the way.

This little fella, Spring Pup. makes me feel that way too. Isn’t he the cutest? And I’m not really a dog kinda girl. It’s cats all the way for me. Shame Some Odd Girl doesn’t really have any cats in Store. So what are you? A cat lover or a dog lover? Who wants to see cats in store? Who’s with me?

Gosh, who’d have thought I’d be leading a rebellion when I started this post? Oops. Kristy won’t let me lose again…


  1. What a sweet little card. I love all animals, but cats are my favorite pet.

  2. Sorry doll!!!! I am such a Doggie lover more!!!! I have no hate on cats tho!!!

  3. I’m a cat person for the most part but I’m getting over my fear of dogs, so I may become a dog person. There is a cat in the store….I just can’t remember who’s holding it. Darn this head cold!

  4. LOVE the fur technique!!! What a cutie! I like animals. You hear that, Kristy??? We need more cat stamps!!! 🙂 Maybe a guinea pig stamp too?

  5. Totally a cat person here, but I agree with you Krity’s puppies are quite cute. >^..^<

  6. I’m totally a cat person! Had to give my two lovely fur balls up about nine months ago when my allergic boyfriend moved in with me.
    I would love some cats! I think the preppy pups need to be balanced with some rebellious and playful kittens!

  7. What a cute little puppy! I am a cat owner but love any furry friends:) Equal opportunity!

  8. I’m definitely a cat person, I have two little grey kitties who take turns sleeping on my crafting desk when I’m not there… So I’m all for more cats in the shop! =)

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