It’s another clear stamp release, beginning with Fairy Magic!

It’s another clear stamp release, beginning with Fairy Magic!

Oh goomie, it is a BEAUTIFUL day at Some Odd Girl, and I, Leah the Orange, can’t tell you how excited I am to be sharing today’s release!  The response we got from our digital fairy release was VERY positive, and I can’t wait to see your reactions to this one!  HELLO, and welcome to day one of our Clear Fairy Release!

First up, we have a sweet little lady who seems to be quite content just chillin’ with her homies.


Check out the inspiration from our Odd Girls featuring…. FAIRY MAGIC!





Make Everyday Happy - Vera Yates  
Tracy Valure



Lou Mac

Do you LURVE this little miss?  She’s available NOW at (and so are two more of her cute friends!)!

Let me know how much (for example, “I love this fairy more than I love strawberries dipped in chocolate”) by commenting below, and I will draw one winner for each day of this release.  Winners will be announced on Friday – you have until Wednesday night to comment!

Annnnnd, we’ll see you back here tomorrow with another gorgeous winged girlie!


  1. i love this stamp..she is so pretty and peaceful to use it for a condoleancecard

  2. Oh she is Gorgeous!!!!!!! I love her more then Chocolate Milk!!! lol

  3. I like her, too. She is very serene and she is definitely reminiscing about something. I must have her.

  4. Clearstamp Fairies! Wonderful! I love this magical little creature more than I love my favorite magic: Harry Potter!

  5. I love her more than a fat kid loves cake 😉 (no offence anyone)

  6. Oh wow!! I love this fairy!! She is absolutely adorable! I love her more than tinker bell!

  7. I love her more than the ink on my fingers after an hour in my scrap room where I make everyday magic!

  8. Oh she is so precious! I love her more than the gummy hearts on my kitchen table!!
    Thanks for sharing her <3

  9. OMG! I love her!! I love her more than zombies love brains. (Sorry, I’m still coming down off last night’s Walking Dead episode. LOL!!!)

  10. Fairy Magic is a gorgeous stamp & I would love her more than the sparkle from fairy dust 🙂

  11. oooh…. She is adorbs!!! I LOVE this fairy more than Springtime and sun and even chocolate!!!

  12. Oh WoW she is such a cutie! I would love to have her in my Odd Girl collection, in fact I love her more than rain on a hot summers day!

  13. She is beautiful!! The DT shows her off wonderfully.

  14. She’s adorable! I love her more than teriyaki beef jerkey, which I’m totally craving right now. Hmm, that’s strange. 🙂

    Annie Rose

  15. She’s so adorable! I love the different colour combos your design team used to ink her up.

  16. She is the way DT showcased this beautiful fairy.Lover her more than P&J sandwich.

  17. How delicious is she. All th DTteam did a wonderful job on their wonnnderrrful cards. “Applause….Applause” xo

  18. She is very sweet, I love her at least as much as coffee.

  19. Love love her! I love her sitting position and as she is a fairy the colour combos will be endless!

  20. I love her more than bacon in the morning! LOL

  21. I love her more than my morning Iced Coffee, which is a big deal, because without that coffee, I’m not worth talking to 😛

  22. Love this stamp. Might have to buy it soon. Cant wait to see what else is new this month.

  23. I love this fairy more than I love my craft time during kiddos naptime! Yeah…THAT much! Love the amazing DT samples!

  24. Oh so precious, I love her more than the end of winter and beginning of spring …which can some ANY DAY NOW (hint, hint.) Seriously she’s WONDERFUL!!!!

  25. She’s so cute! I love her more than a hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day.

  26. Oh wow, she is amazing! I love her more then reading in the sunlight on my balcony! I’d love the chance to ink her up! The DT did a wonderful job, I love how awesome they all colored her hair. Hugs, Hanneke

  27. Such a darling fairy! I just love the way she is embracing her legs and smiling calmly <3

  28. Wow, she’s beautiful!! I would love to color her up. I love her more than my job. lol!

  29. This one is fantastic…definitely one of my favorite images of your of all time. I love her more than my evening coffee because nothing comes between me and my morning one. Lou coloring is amazing I just wanted to add with her card.

  30. I love her as much as….gasp!….chocolate! She is beautiful as are the DT projects!

  31. Ooohhhhh!! loving the fairy more my box of chocolate right now (and I LOVE my chocolate!!!)

  32. oh wow! how cute , my heart has melted … i love her more than pink sparkly wine when the bubbles go up your nose..

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