Come and meet the newest SOGgy Fairy! Comment to WIN!

Come and meet the newest SOGgy Fairy! Comment to WIN!

Well hiiiiiiiidey ho, Odd friends!  Leah the Orange here, THRILLED to report that our newest digi Fairy collection has been met with a WONDERFUL and positive response!  Thank you all for the comments you’ve been leaving this week – remember, you have until tonight to get your comments in, and you might be one of the lucky three announced on Friday morning!  Can’t wait that long?  Gotta have ’em now?  CLICK HERE and you can get ’em! 

Shall we see who else is hanging out in the dell?  Well hello there, SHY FAIRY!


LOVE her curious expression, and that pose is great for perching her on anything!  How about a bookmark, for example?  Check out the THIRD in the series from Sammi our Guest Odd Girl!


And more fabulosity from our super talented Odd Girls


Shy Fairy


Shy Fairy - Vera Yates

Tracy Valure




 Leah Crowe



Anna Sigga

Shy fairy



v6 a

Well folks, those are your new Fairies from Some Odd Girl!  Whatcha think?  You want to win Shy Fairy, right?  (Rhetorical question) So what you’ll have to do is this…

TELL ME, in a comment below – WHERE is the first place you would fly, if you sprouted wings and could just take off?  You have to answer the questions if you want to be eligible to win, so lemme know where you’d go, and be sure to do this by TONIGHT (Wednesday, February 6th) at midnight EST, and I’ll let you know if you’re one of our winners on FRIDAY.

In the meantime, you’ll want to see what’s cookin’ in Some Odd World, and you should check out the February Sketch Challenge – I know you’re all itchin’ to put these pretties in your shopping cart, but why not try to WIN, so you can buy MORE?!  🙂 

See you back here tomorrow, same Odd time, same Odd channel, with a fabby little spotlight on our Guest Odd Girl!


  1. She is gorgeous! I love here dress and her wings are stunning! I love all the DT samples 🙂

  2. I just adore her and that coy look on her face!! Gorgeous creations from the DT as always!
    I would totally fly off to Paris in a moment’s notice – has always been a dream of mine to drink some wine, eat some crusty fresh bread and take in the beauty of the Eiffel Tower. Heaven.

  3. OMG, this one is amazingly gorgeous too! Fab DT work – so inspiring!

  4. Oh, she is so cutie!

    And if I had wings I would definitely fly to some worm beach side. This winter is killing me!


  5. This is my fave fairy so far! Love her!
    And if I had wings I’d fly tom Rome, my favorite city in the world. I’d stroll along the the small streets, eat the best ice-cream, drink good wine, eat pizzas and pastas and have a wonderful time just hanging out… Rome is the perfect place for it.

  6. Oh, I’d probably fly up into the nearest tree and just listen to the birds singing!

  7. Sent over by my friend Annette! Your DT did a wonderful job with this stamp they are all gorgeous!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Deb C

  8. Love the new fairy & gorgeous cards from the DT.
    I’d love to fly somewhere bright & warm around the Med like the south of France or maybe Sicily 🙂

  9. Oh she´s beautiful! I would preferably take my family under my new wings and fly south to a beautiful creme colored beach with turquoise water. Never seen one irl so that I would love to do.

  10. I would fly to my friends house so we can craft together. She is adorable! All the DT cards are amazing!

  11. The first place I would fly would be to go to Europe so I could visit all the places I’ve always wanted to see (England, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, etc.) This Shy Fairy is absolutely awesome and I am speechless at all of the awesomeness spewing from the DT!

  12. Super sweet digi and the ladies did a FAB job. I’ll first fly to Disney World. Great giveaway and the color along was great I watched on myIPHONE so I couldn’t comment.

  13. She’s gorgeous and the DT samples are all fab! I would fly to the Big Island of Hawaii where my hubby is right now so we could spend some time together! 🙂

  14. She is just magical. I can see her sitting on a big mushy, just looking all cute. If I had wings I would just fly and fly going no particular place at all…just where ever the wind takes me. 🙂

  15. I just love her! The detailing on the wings is so gorgeous! I’d make a trip around the world…first New Zealand then on to Ireland. Two places I’ve been dying to visit! 🙂 <3 Emily

  16. I love your new additions to fairy land and shy fairy is no exception! If I could sprout wings and fly i would love to fly to one of those thatched apartments on stilts, you know, the ones that sit in crystal clear blue waters, and have a beautiful picnic laid out on the porch with cocktails in coconut shells so you can sit and sip with your toes in the water…………… are you there yet? 🙂

    Em xxx

  17. Hi. I think I want to fly to see whats going on in the fairys world. It probebly very interesting there…
    I like Shy fairy most from The 3…
    Anat (tshupile)

  18. Wow! She’s so sweet!
    If I had wings I’d take a look in heaven, so I could visit my beloved ones who I still miss. After that I would probably go to the place where those cuties were drawn, teehee. 😉 (And then hoping I will not be drooling too much..)

  19. I would fly to the USA every time there was a new crafty release I just HAD to have, then and there 😛

  20. These are all so, so lovely!

    I would fly to New Zealand! I’ve always wanted to visit and it’s such a long trip that I’d get to see lots of stuff along the way!

  21. Oh geez… I forgot to tell ya I’d fly to…. Greece? Rome? someplace super old and super full of history. I love Paris and London, but I would wanna go somewhere even older… 🙂

  22. Highest on my list of places to see: Italy, Israel, and Cambodia (my hubby’s father is from there).

  23. She is gorgeous.Great way showcasing DT.If i had her wings I would be out flying over beautiful gardens with flowers and citrus trees.

  24. Oh Wow, these are all Gorgeous! She has to be my favourite of the 3 fairys and all the Dt girls have done an Amazing job! Uummm…What would I do if I had wings, I would probably fly somewhere warm over a sparkling beach, maybe to a deserted island! I might have to take my hubby along with me lol!

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