Well hiiiiiiiidey ho, Odd friends!  Leah the Orange here, THRILLED to report that our newest digi Fairy collection has been met with a WONDERFUL and positive response!  Thank you all for the comments you’ve been leaving this week – remember, you have until tonight to get your comments in, and you might be one of the lucky three announced on Friday morning!  Can’t wait that long?  Gotta have ‘em now?  CLICK HERE and you can get ‘em! 

Shall we see who else is hanging out in the dell?  Well hello there, SHY FAIRY!


LOVE her curious expression, and that pose is great for perching her on anything!  How about a bookmark, for example?  Check out the THIRD in the series from Sammi our Guest Odd Girl!


And more fabulosity from our super talented Odd Girls


Shy Fairy


Shy Fairy - Vera Yates

Tracy Valure




 Leah Crowe



Anna Sigga

Shy fairy



v6 a

Well folks, those are your new Fairies from Some Odd Girl!  Whatcha think?  You want to win Shy Fairy, right?  (Rhetorical question) So what you’ll have to do is this…

TELL ME, in a comment below – WHERE is the first place you would fly, if you sprouted wings and could just take off?  You have to answer the questions if you want to be eligible to win, so lemme know where you’d go, and be sure to do this by TONIGHT (Wednesday, February 6th) at midnight EST, and I’ll let you know if you’re one of our winners on FRIDAY.

In the meantime, you’ll want to see what’s cookin’ in Some Odd World, and you should check out the February Sketch Challenge – I know you’re all itchin’ to put these pretties in your shopping cart, but why not try to WIN, so you can buy MORE?!  :) 

See you back here tomorrow, same Odd time, same Odd channel, with a fabby little spotlight on our Guest Odd Girl!