A new batch of FAIRIES is born! Digi stamp release starts NOW!

A new batch of FAIRIES is born! Digi stamp release starts NOW!

 GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Monday morning, Odd friends!  Leah the Orange here, and don’t you dare go rolling your eyes because I’m welcoming Monday with open arms!  I know some of you aren’t big fans, but when you see what we’ve got on the roster this week, you’ll see why I’m so stinkin’ excited about it!

Welp, it’s certainly no secret that we’re all about WHIMSY at Some Odd Girl – we do like our cute and quirky and bold and funky and we like to have FUN.  So whenever our girl Kristy says she’s thinking about enchantment and wonder, she’s got our attention!  And today, we are VERY happy to bring you the first little sweetheart in our Fairy digital stamp series – talk about WHIMSICAL!  This installment’s got it all!  We’re going to kick things off with the first of three…  This one is named PIXIE, and we’re quite sure she’ll win your heart.  Check her out!


Oh my goomie, is she not totally sweet and charming?  I love the ears, and the little leafy hair accessory!  Let’s see how PIXIE inspired our Odd Girls, shall we? 

First, we’re SO geeked (as Kristy would say) to introduce you to this talented lady, who will be hanging out with us for the next month!  Please give it up for….

Sammi our Guest Odd Girl











Leah Crowe


Anna Sigga




Totally gorgeous, right?  I think it’s safe to say we’re all pretty smitten by the new Fairies, and I’m quite confident you’re going to love ’em too!  There are THREE new Fairies available now in the shop, and we will be showing off the others in the next couple of days.  YOU, dear Oddie, are invited to leave a comment below for a chance to WIN our little Pixie today – all you have to do is tell me this:  What kind of little friend would you choose to accompany Pixie?  A little forest cutie like a bird, bunny or deer?  Perhaps a little ladybug or dragonfly?  Or maybe some little gnomey character?  Leave your comment below by WEDNESDAY, February 6th at midnight EST and I’ll announce some winners this Friday.  

And that’s gonna do it for today, folks!  Remember that we have LOTS of action going on right now!  There’s a Design Team Call running now through March 3rd!  And if you haven’t visited Some Odd World yet (our Ning community), there’s a fabby group of crafty folks sharing thoughts, ideas, silliness, deals, you name it!  Drop by and say hi, and you never know when you might discover special deals or challenges or giveaways!  *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*
See you tomorrow with the next Fairy digi reveal!  😀



  1. Oooh… she is truly gorgeous! And as soon as I read the question I thought she should have a dragonfly as a friend, to fly on, but then you suggested that so now I feel like I have bad imagination. But I DID think it before I read it… promise! 🙂

    But a teeny, tiny cute little mouse would be sweet to, for her to keep as a little pet.

  2. I was thinking a butterfly though her stance reminds me of a frog or a bunny so those would be cute too!

  3. Wowza! The DT totally rocked this one. Love Sammi’s bookmark! Faye’s red was the bomb!! Hugs,
    Tracy V

  4. Well, Pixie is gorgeous and the DT makes are all beautiful! Great work gals 🙂 I would love to see a little bunny with her.

  5. Oh she is so precious! I was thinking something fluttering right in front of her, like a hummingbird maybe? Or a sweet little fawn bumping her nose 🙂
    <3 Emily L.

  6. Pixie is adorable! Loving Sammi’s book mark. Great idea.

  7. Yes,she’s so pretty:)
    And I would love to see a bird or a dragonfly with her:)

  8. Stunning! I think a cute bunny would be cute with her.

  9. i would think a butterfly or humming bird for sure cause she looks like she greeting one.

  10. She’s just darling and the DT did such a great job showcasing her!!

  11. I think this Enchanting Pixie gal needs a bunny as her pal. Love all of the DT and Sammi’s creations!

  12. I adore Pixie!!! She is adorable!! I would love to see her with a Squirrel or chipmunk, Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the rest of the week!!

  13. Hmmmm…..I was thinking a cute little dragon…not a fire breathing but a cuddly little side-kick kind of dragon! 🙂 Loved all the inspiration and DT creations!!

  14. Just looking at her in her pose, I would say a frog; but I am thinking a little boy fairy would be cool to have for a friend too!
    Heading over to check out the other three releases now!

  15. Maybe a little leaf sprite… either a leaf with a face or a little creature wearing leaves (esp. a big leaf hat! tee hee!)

  16. Pixie definitely needs a dragonfly friend! A vibrantly colored thing of beauty that can follow her around in the woods. =)

  17. I love the samples! How about a winged pony or unicorn?

  18. Totally lovin’ her and ladies, you did an amazing job showcasing her. I think she’d pal around with a unicorn or a phoenix 🙂

  19. Love her! Beatiful!

  20. Such a cute image! Your design team has such amazing colouring skills. I think she’d be great paired with a butterfly, but I’m partial to butterflies. 🙂

  21. Oh My! How gorgeous is this Fairy, love her and all the girls have done stunning cards and bookmarks! I am loving all the other girls suggestions for her friend, how about a little grasshopper!

  22. She is adorable! I think she’d look awesome with a few butterflies floating around, or a chipmunk…. 😀

  23. Pixie needs a Squirrel friend!!!

  24. Awww… Well this Pixie looks so adorable and it looks like she’s playing with something adorable, so maybe a bunny or a doggie…

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