Featured project – Lou Mac and Kody, sittin’ in a tree….

Featured project – Lou Mac and Kody, sittin’ in a tree….

Morning, folks, and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!  🙂  Leah the Orange here, posting for our dear Lou Mac, who’s been having some SERIOUS issues with her computer, but was determined to get this totally adorbs project out into the internet world for you Odd folks to see!  I’m glad she was, too, because when I saw it, I couldn’t wait to share! 

This leedle project here features the totally suave, and obviously romantic Kody With Flowers – he’s prepared to sweep some lucky lady off her feet!  Do you think it’s KayleeMaeGwen?  I’ve kinda had him paired up with Mae in my mind forEVER, because I think Kaylee might go for someone a little more… um… EDGY.  Ya know? 

Anywho…  check out this total gorgeousness from the lovely Lou!

lou mac proj feat

I spy some WASHI love here, and I’m totally diggin’ on the little doodles Lou added around the die-cut!  The distressing and gems add just a little interest, without being overpowering.  And the sentiment?  PERFECTION, espesh how she slanted “meets” ever so slightly, matching it with the little stripey flag banner.  The girl’s got a way with angles, no? 

Well there you go.  You want to create a bit of fun without putting a ton of crazy stuff on your project?  Muss up your edges a bit for some subtle distressing.  Add a little doodle around a frame for a hint of whimsy.  Choose a fun sentiment and break it up a bit.  Wrap some washi around the edges of your image to draw the eye inward.  Either way, just ENJOY your crafting, and do share with us!  We love seeing what you Odd folks create with your Some Odd Girl images! 

That’s gonna do it for today – thanks for joining us, and we’ll be back again tomorrow with a new spotlight!


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