A bendy little tutorial… bendy like YOGA!

A bendy little tutorial… bendy like YOGA!

Morning, Odd friends!  Another week, nearly over, and this is going to wrap everything up before we announce the winner and fave from our March Sketch Challenge tomorrow – join us!  Maybe it’s YOU!  Did you play along?  Well if not, you’ll want to watch this space on MONDAY, when we introduce the April challenge as well as saying hello to our BRAND NEW ODD GIRLS!

In the meantime, Leah the Orange here, and I have a quick cutie project to share…

This is a simple little tutorial that will (hopefully) open up some new doors for your clear stamps…  This will work great for longer stamps and most single-lined sentiments, and it’s something I’ve used on many occasions when I need to make something fit…  JUST… RIGHT.  So.  Ready?  Let’s do this.

  I chose some stash, opting for a scallopy card, some scraps of paper (literally two small pieces), ribbon, cute chipboard, inks and my trusty large acrylic block:

tute supplies

  Picking the stamps!  I went with the adorable Angel Kaylee digi (currently unavailable – sorry about that!), and the Make a Statement clear sentiment set.  It has the funky long chevron border stamp that I wanted for my card (and I’ve already printed, colored with my Prismacolor pencils, and fussy-cut Kaylee so as not to bore you with unnecessary steps!):

tute stamps

STEP 3.  I stuck my papers down and trimmed to fit the scalloped edge (I didn’t stick Kaylee down yet, because I’ll need to position her very carefully with my last step):

tute step1

STEP 4.  Lining up the stamp with the shape of the card.  The stamp choice is important here, because if it’s too wide, it won’t bend easily, and if it’s too short, the effect is kind of lost.  I laid my block on top of the card and positioned the stamp based on the curve of the card (seriously, working with clear stuff is awfully handy!):

tute step2

STEP 5.  Stamp!  The ink I used was a little juicier than I’d anticipated, so it wasn’t a clean impression, but I’m okay with that.  Anyone who knows me will understand, because I’m not one to worry about imperfections.  I like things a little messy, a little quirky, a little off-kilter (much like me!).  I added the sentiment once the border was dry:

tute step3

STEP 6.  Stick it all down!  Got my chipboard pieces, tied a cute little bow with my ribbon for added texture (but just a smidge!), adhered them and positioned Kaylee so that the card would be balanced.  I always do this step last in order to avoid a card that tilts.  Kaylee’s foot anchors everything to create a flat edge across the bottom of the card.  This offsets the weight and her foot acts as a stopper, so the card doesn’t roll backwards.  I established my positioning, added some pop dots, and stuck Kaylee down too, finishing it all off:

tute card

  If I use a round card instead of scalloped, or I don’t feel like having something touch the bottom, I’ll snip a VERY small flat edge across the bottom of just the INSIDE of the card, so it’s not visible from the outside.  It can literally be a 3 mm edge, barely noticeable, and it will totally do the trick.

Dunno if I’ve shown you anything new here, but at the very least I hope I’ve been able to get those wheels a-spinnin’!  That’s gonna do it for today – a couple of tidbits on bending stamps to work with curved shapes, and anchoring a round card so it doesn’t roll.  Voila!

I’m here tomorrow with one more project feature for this term before we change things up a little around here!  In the meantime, CLICK HERE and share your Some Odd Girl projects in our Facebook group (‘cuz I might just feature YOUR project in our spotlight this Friday!), or CLICK HERE to see what’s going on at Some Odd World (our Ning community) – Faye has a little game going on, and I’ll bet you can’t guess correctly!  😀


  1. Orange, you really are awesome. Fab project. Fab tutorial.x

  2. Great tutorial and awesome project!

  3. Awesome card!!
    Love the soft colors and the coloring(Kaylee).
    Totally love it!!

  4. I love this idea & this card! Gorgeous! <3 x

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