We’re RINGING IN SPRING with a new clear release! Hello GWEN!

We’re RINGING IN SPRING with a new clear release! Hello GWEN!

Goodness me, but this IS going to be a wonderful release!  Are you people ready for spring?  It’s been a super cold winter in New Jersey, and I (Leah the Orange) am begging for some warmth around here!  I think this particular clear release might just tide me over though, and I think you might be feeling some sunshine on your face too!  Let’s kick things off with our very first clear set of the spring (unofficially)…

UMBRELLA GWEN!  (That’s right, another Gwen for you!)

Check her out, with all the cute extras in this set!  😀



I’m sure your imagination is already going wild, but let’s see what our fabby
Odd Girls have done with this gorgeous set, shall we?  You’re gonna LOVE this!

Leah Crowe




Umbrella Gwen



clear gwen


Faye used sentiment from Hey Kaylee Stamp Set



Anna Sigga









Yeah, ERMAHGERD.  Told you so.  🙂

They’re gorgeous, aren’t they?  I LOVE this set, and there are so many fun things you can do with it!  Tell me how YOU feel about the rain and rainstorms, and you might be the random winner of Umbrella Gwen!  You have until Thursday at midnight EST to leave your comments on this week’s posts, and I’ll have some good news for 3 lucky peeps on Friday morning with our next spotlight!

Happy spring, friends!  (And for my Jersey or Tri-State friends, remember, on the first day of spring, Rita’s Water Ice gives away a free water ice to every customer!)

Join us this evening at 8 pm EST when the winners of our Timelessly Odd Hop are announced – thank you ALL for hopping!  I’ve got some scouring to do, to ensure the rules were followed and comments were left at every stop along the way.  See you then!  😀



  1. oeps i pressed enter hahahah

    hhmm how do i feel?
    when my husband is away for his work i take one of my kids and put them in my bed so i can sleep safe,hihihi

  2. Loving the new stamps, the clouds are so cute. The DT cards are awesome! I really really hate rain (but living in Wales you certainly get used to it!!). Don’t mind rainstorms when I’m indoors 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. Fabulous I love this set in particular so on trend (as always) and another beautiful image!!!

    Emma (metalicbutterfly)
  4. Oh I like! Great inspiration by the DT as well! 🙂

  5. I love the new set and what the DT has done with it! I love rain when I don’t have to be out in it! I’m visiting my family in Ohio right now and mom tried to take me on a 5 mile hike in the rain but with it being 30 degrees it started getting slick so now I’m drying out and warming up.

  6. i like quick rainshowers in the morning to clear the air ( in the spring esp. with allergies). This set is so pretty and I love the sentiments.

  7. Super cute new set and fab creations with her! I don’t mind rain and rainstorms as long as it is warm out and I don’t have to drive much in it! It’s raining now and kind of nice to watch from inside!

  8. love rainstorms so fun to watch the weather outside. my son on the hand is terrifed of the sound thunderstorms make. thanks for the chance to win.

  9. Oh I love a good thunderstorm, I think they are so relaxing. I’m in love with this set!

  10. Gorgeous creations, love this new image so adorable. However I hate rainstorms, always make me feel sad and depressed and when its thundering too – well that’s me hidden under a blanket lol!!!

  11. Very cute! If it is a gentle rainstorm I think it is very calming.

  12. Fabulous creations!!! I am not much of a rainstorm fan, and thunder makes me shiver every time …thunderstorms really make me cringe :¿
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Lovely set – love the cloud! I find rain annoying, I don’t mind a good storm from inside, but thunder in the middle of the night is pretty inconvenient – wakes up the kiddos! 🙂

  14. Such a beautiful set and super lovely cards from DT..
    I love rain but the only thing is I want lots and lots of hot tea with rain and I dont mind storm from inside my house..he he…

  15. Gorgeous! I love Gwen! Faye have done a really great job, her Gwen looks like a tasty popsicle, I just want to eat her! 🙂

    I kind of like rainstorms, if I get to stay inside and look out at them, Not so fond of being out in them… But a rainy day in the middle of a hot summer I love going out in the rain and dance around and cool of!

  16. I love rain. As long as I don’t have to go outside, that is. Sitting inside with a cup of tea, watching the rain pour down outside is one of my favorite things to do during the spring. I love thunder storms too!

  17. I love this stamp set! So versatile! All the DT samples are totally amazing, I love rain as long as I am inside and I hate driving in a rainstorm…


  18. Sweet stamp and great designs….love summer rain….no so much love for the cold windy rain in the northeast 😉

  19. oooohhh–she’s cute!!!
    I love watching the rain fall…hearing the thunder rolling..Just love it!

  20. Wow, umbrella Gwen looks great, so versatile! I actually quite like rain and rainstorms, as long as I am inside my home or when it is warm outside. I like it when in the summer the weather breaks and you can bisycle in the rain without getting cold. I also once danced in a rainstorm in my bathing suit :p. Hugs, Hanneke

  21. i love love LOVE this stamp!!!!!

  22. Fabulous set! I love thunderstorms but could do without the rain.

  23. All of them are great, love the colors and techiques. The umbrella sets the stage! Great stamp for April Showers. Keep up the wonderful ideas, they are helpful for a beginner like me. Thank you everyone

  24. Wow! I looove this set of stamps! Gwen is totally adorable, as always:) I’m definitely not a fan of waking up in the middle of the night from thunder and lightningstorms. A day of rainy weather every now and then is fine with me though, so that I can jump right over to my scrap-corner without having a guilty conscience;)

  25. These are so lovely!

    I love the rain…except when I’m driving…

  26. What stunning cards! I personally hate rain due to it making my joints hurt.

  27. Love the new stamps. As for rain and thunderstorms, I don’t really like when it rains hard and lightnings. Because I live in the woods with many big trees overhanging the house.

  28. I LOVE rainstorms! It is so calming to me and just makes me appreciate nature at it’s best. Love Umbrella Gwen and the DT!

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