Do you want to be a GUEST ODD GIRL?! And HUGE NEWS tomorrow!

Do you want to be a GUEST ODD GIRL?! And HUGE NEWS tomorrow!

Morning, Odd friends!

Welp, you’ve met the team.  You’ve no doubt checked out Some Odd World (at Ning) to see what I was talking about yesterday, what with a themed challenge and a chance to be our GUEST ODD GIRL in June (you have gone to see, haven’t you?!). 

Well I also want to tell you that there’s something seriously HUGE coming your way, and we’ll be telling you all about it tomorrow.  I’d love to give you some hints, but you probably want to get back to watching reality shows or something.  *wink wink, nudge nudge*

In the meantime, a reminder that this little guy’s on sale right now at the store:


Anjou is super stinkin’ cute and would be great for SO many types of cards…  I went with an Anniversary theme for my tag, and it was a breeze to flip one image and layer the other on top for a little pair of pears!  🙂  Working with digis is so much fun, and it really helps your supplies go a long way!

Grab ANJOU on sale HERE for 35% off right now!  🙂  I’d love to see what you do with this little cutie!


  1. Ah, unfair! Now I’m totally curious about the HUGE thing. It’s not fair to tease like this…

    But the tag is SO cute! Love the pun too… 🙂

  2. This tag is reallllly cuuuute!!
    Really curious about that huge announcement…!!!! :))

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