Now you know all of the Odd Girls, but who will be our GUEST Odd Girl for June?!

Now you know all of the Odd Girls, but who will be our GUEST Odd Girl for June?!

WOOT!  Happy hump day, Odd friends!  I’m going to stop saying that it’s Leah the Orange with you, ‘cuz it’s pretty much Leah the Orange with you all the time here (although you’ll know when someone else is hosting!)…  I just like seeing my name up there like that.  😉

It’s day three of our introductions, and you PROBABLY know us, unless you’re brand new to Some Odd Girl.  We are your behind-the-scenes-and-occasionally-in-your-faces ladies, and we are here to rock your world, and show you how awesome our team is. 

We’re revisiting the sketch again for the April Challenge, just to show you that there is STILL more you can do with this month’s awesome challenge…  Here it is:

april 2013 sketch


And here we have our lovely Ning Coordinator, extra Fluffy and super choklitty!
Hello FAYE!  🙂  She used In Stitches Tia:

faye april

faye I’m Faye, but I also answer to Fluff and all derivatives of said Fluff!
I’m Wife, Mum, Obsessive Compulsive, Self-confessed Stashoholic and E-mail/ Blog Stalker. How do I fit all that in one day? Simples. I run on Fairy Dust!  I inhabit a strange, quirky and fluffy place called FayeWorld, but I can be momentarily lured back to Earth with cakes and/or choklit. I’m married to Very Understanding Hubby, and I’d like to say our son, Sweet Cheeks keeps me out of mischief, but I have an uncanny knack for finding and getting into trouble. Especially if I’m in a Craft Shop… ahem!
When I’m not Mummy, or getting into Craft Related Purchase Mischief, you’ll find me in The Flufferie, my Craft Haven, colouring and generally making a mess. Oh, and have I mentioned how things always seem to fall into my basket when I’m in online shops? I don’t have the heart to correct the error…

And me…  I’m Some Odd Girl’s Design Team Coordinator,
Leah the Orange – I flipped the sketch and used Kimono Kaylee:

kimono april sketch


Leah the Orange Hi there!  I’m Leah, I’m obsessed with orange, I don’t think anybody who knows me would say I’m normal, and I take pride in playing the chameleon.  I’m a proud Assistant Bank Manager and I’m married to a crazy artist/musician/art teacher who makes more of a mess than I do.  The Son is all grown up and does his own thing, so I’m left to my own devices and I seem to find myself being magnetically pulled toward paper (it’s not even metal!  how does that work?!).  If you ever find yourself missing that perfect colour or pattern, blame me, because I have it in my stash.  I’m Canadian and it takes everything in my power to NOT add a “U” when I do the blog posts for Some Odd Girl.  I’m a grammar nazi, which is probably why Kristy likes keeping me around; if there’s a typo to be found, I’m your girl.  I’m so proud of Kristy and how far she’s come with Some Odd Girl – I’ve been here since day -83 and I’m sticking around for the long haul.  Love you, Holmes!  And to you Odd friends out there reading, it’s nice to make your virtual acquaintance!  😀


And now, a word from the ARTIST…




Hi everyone! I’m super glad you are here with Some Odd Girl as we are in our 4th year! I’m Kristy, a 31 year old girl living in Fennville, Michigan. I have two silly kiddos and a seriously understanding hubs who’ve I’ve been married to for 9 years now. I’m the Owner/Artist/Designer of Some Odd Girl Stamps. I’ve been a crafty, artsy girl since forever and finding a career in a creative field has always been my number one dream. I’m so glad I get to share it with you all every day!



And last but not least, I want to direct your attention to the Ning, where Faye has a fun Critters challenge going on right now!

Not only is the Ning super awesome and fun and wildly entertaining, but you’ll find LOTS of inspiration at Some Odd World, and it’s ONLY in the Ning that you’ll find your opportunity to be our GUEST ODD GIRL for the month of June!

CLICK CLICK CLICK and see what I’m talking about!  Don’t have any SOGgy critters to use?  That’s okay!  We’ve got a little something special for the occasion!  🙂 



  1. love your bios ladies! love learning more about you!! your inspiration is totally awesome!! love it!

  2. Well, I’ll be darned! You all saved the best for last! I was cracking up with Faye’s, then totally gonna tear up with Leah’s then getting (even more) inspired with Kristy’s! Fabulous Bios, Chicas!

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