And then there were TEN! Odd Idol continues!

And then there were TEN! Odd Idol continues!


Leah the Orange with you, rounding out the week with an uber-exciting post that’s gonna get some people PRETTY stoked about the weekend ahead!  It’s time to announce the 10 semi-finalists who are advancing to Round 4 of ODD IDOL!  Yep.  This is kind of a big deal.  If you’re just joining us, CLICK HERE to see the action at Some Odd World…  you really NEED to get in on it!  🙂  Let’s take a moment to recap, shall we?

68 crafters submitted their projects in the open audition.  Even THAT was an exciting process!  The Odd Girls managed to whittle it down to 20 people who would get the competition rolling.  At the end of the first round, we were left with 15, as chosen by YOUR VOTES.  Today, we are down to 10.  JUST TEN!  Ten fabulously talented crafters, competing for one ginormo grand prize that’s going to cost a bajillion dollars to ship.  😉   Feast your eyes on this amazing prize pack, valued well over $800:

Our unbelievable sponsors have been SO generous, and we want to give a huge shout-out to the lovely people at  American Crafts, Copic Marker, Spectrum Noir, SP & Co., Paper Issues and Oozak for being a part of this event.  Odd Idol wouldn’t be nearly as exciting if the prize were, say, a $20 gift card to Starbucks!  Hee hee.


For Round 3, we asked our contenders to color their images using Opposite Colors – combinations you might not expect to see on the images selected.  We think it might have been a smidge tough for them to step outside their comfort zones, but they accepted their challenge with grace and style, and you have cast your votes!  I know I, personally, had a heck of a time choosing my fave.  But the polls closed on Wednesday night, and our voters have spoken!

Here we have them, your TOP 10, in no particular order
(except for Damaris, whose project earned the most votes):

odd idol collage 3

Ladies, CONGRATULATIONS!  You are advancing to the fourth round, and we will announce your theme in a moment…  But first, we bid farewell and give huge virtual hugs to the following contestants… Caz, Jami, Larisa, Sharla and Vanessa – you have ROCKED your way this far, and we’re very sad to see you go!  Thank you all SO MUCH for showing great sportsmanship and rocking your ODD. 

NOW.  Round 4 begins.  Top 10, are you ready?

Again, here are the rules, which MUST be followed carefully.  With a fabby prize like this, we are being very strict and insisting you respect the competition and your fellow Odd Idol hopefuls.  If you’re unsure of how to proceed with your project, please email Faye before submitting (we would rather guide you than disqualify you for a technicality!)…

1. You must use Some Odd Girl stamps as the MAIN FOCUS of your creations. If you use stamps from any other companies, they must have a minimal impact on your final project. Judges will use discretion when reviewing submissions (remember, the sooner you submit, the better, in case our judges ask you to make any changes).

2. Your Round 4 projects will be EMAILED to Faye, our Community Coordinator, no later than June 5th at MIDNIGHT EST.  Be mindful of time differences – late submissions will not be accepted.

3. Absolutely no watermarks will be allowed for the rest of the competition.

4. You will not post your projects anywhere in order that all submissions may be judged blindly. In other words, you cannot in any way indicate that the project is yours by way of sneak peeks, hints (anything on your blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, galleries, etc.) or comments around the web. Please do not email a friend to tip them off; chances are that friend knows someone who knows someone who knows someone, and as the grand prize is very valuable, we ask that you kindly respect this rule. This truly is not a popularity contest.

5. As mentioned, this competition will be judged blindly. Invite people to vote, advertise the competition, but do not indicate which project belongs to you. Everyone can vote ONCE between June 7th and June 12th. Go to Some Odd World to place your vote – in order to access the Community, voters must be registered members.

6. You may post your projects anywhere you like ONLY after voting has closed for this round.

7. Make your entry count! Try something different, pay attention to detail, consider things that might set your project apart from the others, take great photos with neutral backgrounds. You have reached the semi-finals, and only 5 people will move on to the final round.

8. Failure to comply with any of the items 1 through 7 will result in disqualification from Odd Idol, whether or not voting is shown in your favor.

RIGHT.  The important, serious stuff that must be disclosed before we can start the fun stuff.  So, what’s the theme for Round 4?  READ CAREFULLY.

Make a Scene

You will create a scene that includes the following:

a floor or ground, a ceiling or sky
a minimum of TWO Some Odd Girl characters (digital or clear, people or other)
two additional elements… bed, dresser, table, tree, sun, bicycle, bench, etc. (these can be stamped or drawn)

There are to be at least six elements in total.
You can include a die cut, or fussy cut any element, but those cuts must be COLORED in your medium of choice.  Pre-printed elements will not count toward your six.  There are stamps that have matching dies or SVG files – those are fine, provided the stamps/images are colored.  Those will be included in your six.

Are we clear as mud?  We know it’s a lot of information!  We’re CHALLENGING you, so we are insisting that you pay close attention to the theme and we know you’ll rock it!  Remember – ask questions to be safe, rather than pushing the envelope and taking chances (unless you’re just that kinda girl!).  We want this competition to be fun and fair for everyone!

And with that, Odd friends, I have certainly babbled more than you needed to see on a Friday morning.  CLICK HERE to hop on over to Some Odd World to join in all the craziness (there have been some INTERESTING conversations!), and we’ll be back tomorrow with our June Sketch Challenge!  Enjoy your Friday, espesh when 5:00 rolls around!



  1. Congrats to those moving on!! Those were all such awesome creations!! I can’t wait to see scenes!!!!

  2. Congrats ladies!! Can’t wait to see the next set of creations.

    P.S. I totally LOL’d for 5 minutes after I read this, “that’s going to cost a bajillion dollars to ship.”.

    x0, D

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