Odd Idol round 2 wrapped up, and who’s got the GLASS SLIPPER?

Odd Idol round 2 wrapped up, and who’s got the GLASS SLIPPER?

Morning, Odd friends!  Leah the Orange on a CHILLY AND BRISK hump day here in South Jersey, but no worries…  We have things to take our minds off this unusual almost-summer-weather!

The FINAL VOTES for Odd Idol Round 2, to determine which 15 crafters will advance to Round 3, were cast last night!


We Odd Girls are DYING to see who you choose to move forward!  It’s been so difficult for us to choose OUR favorites and place OUR votes, so I can only imagine how tough it must be for all of you! 

Its time to tally up the votes and see who moves on! You can see the results in our Community early on Friday morning or here at 9am. 

Next, you really ought to swing by our girl Anna‘s blog, to see what she’s showing off today.  Everyone likes the fairy tales, right?  Well Anna‘s got the GLASS SLIPPER this time around, and she’s got a STUNNING Cinderella project up on her blog today!  Yep.  The girl’s got MAD ODD SKILLZ. 

And that’s it – short and sweet today!  But be sure to pop by the Ning (there’s a new Monochromatic coloring challenge going on!), and our Facebook group, to check out the action, and we’re already 2 weeks into our May Sketch Challenge!  Currently, we’re only at 12 participants, but if we reach 50, we’ll give away a THIRD prize, as opposed to the usual two!  HELP US SPREAD THE WORD!  🙂  Yeah, we’re always looking for ways to GIVE YOU PRIZES!  Happy Hump Day, and I’ll be back tomorrow with a quick hello before the excitement starts up again on Friday with our Round 3 THEME!  

So yep, there are

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