Woo Hoo! The auditions are done!

Woo Hoo! The auditions are done!

Morning, wonderfully Odd friends!  Leah here, and OH MY GOOMIE, last night was a TON of fun!  I perused ALL of the entries for Odd Idol, and you HAVE to check out the gallery HERE to see how amazing these creations are!  There is so much talent out there, and we Odd Girls are so excited to be sifting through them and choosing our first 20 contestants who will advance to the next round.

odd idol

Seriously.  CLICK HERE.  Leave those girls some Odd LURRRRRRRRVE!  We had a total of 68 submissions, and we are narrowing it down to 20, so we will be announcing those very soon.  They will be assigned a theme, and they will have a short amount of time to create something for the theme, and the VOTING WILL BEGIN!  That’s where YOU come in (yes, all of you!).  We need your votes!  So stay tuned, keep your eyes peeled, and get your fingers ready to click your faves!

So now that we can all breathe again (yeah, I know there are some people who are seriously holding their breath right now!), you’ll want to visit our gal Vera‘s blog to see another reveal, since we had some SERIOUSLY cute digis released in the shop this week!  CLICKETY CLICK!  Tell her I said hello, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow, same Odd time, same Odd channel!  🙂


  1. This has been so fun and so original. I love the concept and I am totally digging seeing all the creations in one “world”.

    Your DT members have been so welcoming and nice. Just gives me warm fuzzies.

    x0, Damaris

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