Voting is OPEN for Odd Idol round four!


  1. wow these ladies did a great job. it will be a hard decision who to vote for.. great job everyone..

  2. holy sholy !!!!!!! these are so totally amazing!! ladies you have blown me away!!!!!

  3. Holy crap ladies! These are just amazing and I have no clue how I’m going to vote. AMAZING!

  4. Why yes. I do have socks on! But after seeing the entries, I think I’ll fall over too. LOL.

    These girls have done outstanding work. So clever and fun.

    It’s so exciting!
    x0, D

  5. Oh boy!!! Getting more and more difficult to choose!

  6. WOW… those are all amazing!! Awesome work everyone!!!

  7. WOW WOW WOW! My jaw just HIT the floor!!! Those are all stunning!!! How am I just going to pick one? Wonderful jobs, ladies!!

  8. Wow! These are amazing!! I like every single one of them….this will be hard! :-0

  9. Wooow! these are amazing!!
    GREAT job ladies!!!

  10. Wow. These are all so wonderful. I have a few favorites that I’m so torn between

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