Hooray for CHA!

Hooray for CHA!

Hey Peeps, it’s Faye here.

Did you see Mary Pat’s gorgeous project using the fabulush new stamp set Breakfast Friends? Uhhhh, it’s sooo cute! It’s downstairs if you missed it…

So, I thought I’d stop by and share some of the leg work that has been going on in Vegas, to make the Some Odd Girl Stand at CHA look, not just fab, but completely faberoony! Kristy, Jason, Leah the Orange, Judy and Katie have been busy, busy, busy. Although, there has also been some colouring/ pizza/ slot machine diversions too! Oops, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right! 😉

set up one

set up 2


set up 4

set up 5

Rinne is due to arrive later today, so if you’re in town, and when I say in town, I really mean, if you’re at the CHA, stop by the Some Odd Girl Stand and say ‘hi’ to everyone. The Odd Girls have been busy for months, making samples to delight you, we all created a Project Life Page, obviously, you’ll get to peek at all the New Releases, and, if that wasn’t enough, there are Make and Take Sessions too. Pffft, I’d stop by myself if I wasn’t five and a half thousand miles away!

But, why should we let the Vegas Oddies have all the fun? Let’s have a party of our own, right here. For a chance to win a Stamp Set from our August and September Release, I want comments, lots and lots of comments. What do I want you to comment about? Well, if you were at the Some Odd Girl Stand at CHA, what would you like the Vegas Oddies to share with you? Winners will be announced later this week…


  1. Well the booth looks amazing and If I was at CHA I would want to know about all the new product.. I know it will be amazing..

  2. Looks like so much fun!! I would want to know what the new stamps look like and how to get awesome looking noses on the stamps lol

  3. The booth looks great and if I was at CHA I would love to lay my eyes on the new releases and all of their rockin’ projects!

  4. If I were at the SOG stand at CHA I would like the Odd girls to share their best coloring tips! And, of course, I’d take a really close look at all the new releases! =)

  5. I’d be talking about nothing but coloring technique! Who better to talk to than the amazingly talented Oddies?

  6. Um, for realz? If they could share anything I’d like them to share some free stamps and copics. A girl can dream, right?

  7. Wow! If I were at the SOG booth, I wuld lovesome non-Copic coloring tips! I can’t afford Copics, so I would loveto see them use watercolor pencils or water sluble crayons…..anything like that!!

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