Card to Canvas

Card to Canvas

Good morning Oddies!! Leah C here with you today, and I have a quick, easy way to turn a card into a canvas. I have created so many cards in the past, that I now have this overflowing box of finished cards. Most of them are glittery and not well received when trying to donate them. What should I do with all of these cards? While I was sorting them one day it hit me… I could turn them into mini works of art or gifts by adding them to a canvas. The process is pretty quick, and if you have littles who like to paint (small children) then they can help out and create as well.

Here’s a card I made a while back that I really liked featuring Flutist Fairy and the sentiment from Everyday Smiles.



You will need paint, a canvas (mine is 6″ x 6″), paintbrushes, water, stamps, mod podge, distress ink, and a finished card you really like.


 To start, we are going to tear away the front panel of the card on the fold line. Fold it a few times on the fold line, and carefully tear it away. You can also use your trimmer if you want a nice clean edge. Grab a paper plate, paints that match the paper on your card, and your canvas.


I started out by applying a nice even coverage of baby blue paint all over the canvas. Don’t forget about the edges of your canvas…. To speed things up I also used my heat tool to dry the paint faster. 


To add texture use things like an old loofah or sponge, brush your paint onto them and dab it onto your canvas. Make sure your paint is dry before adding in new colors of paint to prevent the colors from mixing and getting muddy.


You can also use paint on your stamps, just make sure to wash them quickly… when I’m done I add them to my mason jar filled with water. It keeps the paint from drying onto the stamp until I make it back in the kitchen to clean up my tools and stamps.


Once I was happy with the background, I grabbed a distress ink pad (Pine Needles) and applied it to the edges of the canvas.


Once the canvas is dried, it’s time to add your card panel.  I applied mod podge to the backside of the panel using a paint brush.
Add more embellishments with a nice liquid adhesive, and you now have yourself a gift or home decor item to dress up your walls.


Easy right? I think it’s a great way to make use of those gorgeous cards you have lying around.
Thanks for stopping in with us today, join the Oddies again tomorrow for another fabby tutorial!

Leah Crowe






  1. This is awesome!! I love the idea of creating little canvas masterpieces and SOG images would be perfect! Your canvas is gorgeous!

  2. I love this idea and how the canvas turned out! I never would have thought of it until I read your post. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Just what I needed!! Awesome projects!!
    Gonna make something for my craft room!! 🙂

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