Caption Competition WINNAH! And a few more CHA tidbits…

Caption Competition WINNAH! And a few more CHA tidbits…

Mornin’, Odd friends!  Leah the Orange here with you, and I’ll bet you thought we FORGOT about this, didn’t ya?!

Well rest assured, we had some serious giggles as we collectively read your comments on the Caption Competition post!  There were times at CHA when we literally had to stop what we were doing to check out the new comments, and and it was INCREDIBLY amusing to see that my HUSBAND thought it would be fun to play along.  Knowing my love for tripe and giblets (!!!!!), his comment mostly made us cringe, but it was cute that he thought it would be fun to play along, right?  🙂 

At any rate, here’s the picture:


This was taken during a frantic coloring/urgent craft session in Mr. and Mrs. Odd Girl‘s room (their room was SO much nicer than ours, and had a table for craftin’!)…  We were determined to get in some last minute projects to fill the holes for the booth, since there were some stamp sets that weren’t yet represented by samples. 

See the bag of Ghirardelli chocolates JudyBags brought to fuel our energy (and our waistlines)?  Dark chocolate with salted caramel.  DANGER.  See that Elmer’s glue stick in front of me, that had just about dried up and didn’t want to actually ADHERE anything?  See those bottles of Dr. Pepper that ended up being the basic staple for most of the crew for the majority of the trip?  See the unimpressed look on KatiePerry‘s face?  I probably said something stupid, or managed to get a song stuck in her head again.  That happened a LOT.  See that door behind JudyBags, from whence the knock came at 12:30 a.m. when we were obviously being too giggly and crazy for the likes of the neighboring guests?  🙂  Yeah, that happened.  And when we heard that knock, the group of us stopped what we were doing, went silent for a brief moment, and Kristy loudly responded “NO.”…  Like they were knocking for us to let them in and join the party or something!  LULLZ!  Needless to say, it brought an abrupt end to our session, but it was probably just as well, since we were all still adjusting to the time difference and trade show schedule. 

Anywho, thank you for joining us in spirit at CHA – we wish you ALL could have been there with us, but we’re not sure the crafting would could have handled it!  🙂  Now it’s time to announce the winner of the caption contest.  Trust me when I say that this wasn’t an easy choice, but in the end, irony was triumphant!  Big ol’ congrats goes out to CarynS (Scrapnsing), who captioned as follows: 

Brrr! I’m so cold…can I warm myself up on your Ott Lite?

The irony there?  KatiePerry was FREEZING for most of the trip.  And me, with my hot flashy goodness and restlessness preventing me from EVER being cold…  While poor KatiePerry shivered, I fanned myself.  😀  So it ended up being an obvious choice, because KatiePerry might well have hinted at warming up by the light of the Ott.  🙂 

Congrats, CarynS!  We have something VERY special comin’ atcha, so if you’ll kindly send your mailing address to , she will pop your collector’s item 2013 Some Odd Girl catalog signed by the CHA crew in the mail!  WOOT!


  1. Oh man….I am laughing so hard right now. Tears in my eyes and all. Great memories of some funny moments. No…LOL!!!
    Congrats Caryn S. that Ott Light comment was very fitting and funny. 🙂

  2. Oh my, those were some good times! I’m with JudyBags- tears rolling down my face :). Perfect caption Caryn- Leah told no lies and if I thought it would’ve helped I would have carried that Ott light with me everywhere, lol!

  3. Congrats Caryn! Glad you all had such a wonderful time!

  4. Woo hoo! Just seeing this – I swear I was nowhere NEAR CHA (sadly)! I’ll get you my contact info pronto -thanks for picking me!

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