Bring your stamps into the kitchen with Cookie Stamping!

Bring your stamps into the kitchen with Cookie Stamping!

Happy Friday my Odd friends!! It’s Judy here with you today and I have another fun way for you to use your Some Odd Girl stamps that is not a card….in fact, it’s not even paper.  Today I am going to show you how you can easily use your SOG stamps to decorate cookies with fondant icing….you read that right, COOKIES!


Here’s what you’ll need:

Baked cookies (You don’t have to be a professional chef – go ahead and buy a mix, we won’t judge you here!)

Gel food coloring

Fondant icing (you can find it at most craft stores that carry cake decorating supplies)

Regular cake icing

Cookie cutters

Rolling Pin

Parchment paper

Paper plate

Clear stamp block

*Clean* Some Odd Girl clear stamps…wash them up good, even if they are brand new.


Start with a small amount of fondant.  Work it like play doh until it softens up a bit.  Then roll it out onto parchment paper…this keeps it from sticking to the work surface.  If you don’t have any parchment, use wax paper or sprinkle some powdered sugar around instead.  The thickness would be up to personal preference, but mine is about 1/16 inch thick.


Drop a little of the gel food coloring on a paper plate.  (You can really do this on any plate, but I like easy clean up.)  Then dab the stamp into the food coloring the same way you would on an ink pad. * NOTE: Black food coloring MAY stain your stamps.  If stained stamps bother you (the way a StazOn might), you may want to test your food coloring first.  Also wash them immediately after use.  I keep a sink full of soapy water ready to drop them in.*


If you get too much on the stamp, just dab off the extra “ink” onto the paper plate.


Now stamp right on to the fondant. Here I am making a little mushroom pattern, so I am going to stamp several images.


Now you will cut out the shape you want with your cookie cutter.  If you have never tried this before, the easiest shape is just a circle.  Once you get the hang of it, you can start trying other cool shapes.


Now that you have your stamped image cut out, dab a little of the regular icing on the cookie (this acts as a glue to hold the fondant to the cookie) then place the cut out image on top of the cookie.  You now have a stamped cookie!  cookie1 I have given you the basic steps. I really hope you give it a try and keep trying things from there.  You could try colored fondant, use SOG sentiments, get food coloring pens and color in your SOG images, stamp directly onto the cookie….there are so many possibilities!!  You can even cover a cake with fondant and decorate the entire thing with Some Odd Girl.  How cool would that be!?!


I hope you enjoyed this little idea of something to do that is NOT a card.  The next time your crafty friends meet for a card making party or a crop, you can bring the desserts!










  1. Nom nom nom! Looks yummy and very cute! Great tut, Judes!

  2. Wow this is really a cool idea!!!! <3 it!!

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