Merry MOOSE-mas from our Guest Odd Girl, Sharla!

Merry MOOSE-mas from our Guest Odd Girl, Sharla!

Hi all my fellow residents of ODD Land!!  Don’t ya just love this place!!!  It’s seriously the coolest place on the web!  *;) winking
Sharla here comin to ya with a new digi release that will cool ya down and get ya all excited for winter.  I say that as I’m in the desert and melting in 110 degrees…ugh, how I long for fall/winter and cooler weather!
Here is my project showcasing the new digi release of this awesome Moose
I had this gift box and decided it would be perfect to decorate and have ready for a present.  How cute would it be to put a scarf and gloves in there?  Cute I’m tellin ya!   
Check out the new release, this Moose is too awesome not to have!
(Leah the Orange here, with a BIG thank you to our Guest Odd Girl, Sharla, for rockin’ her spot and showin’ the SOGgy lurrrrve!  She’s so much fun to have around here, as well as at Some Odd WorldCLICK HERE to visit her blog and to get to know her a little better!  And we’ll see you TOMORROW with our next Friday Spotlight!  Remember, I’m looking for your WASHI projects featuring Some Odd Girl stamps…  Share in our Ning gallery or in our Facebook group so I can ogle!)


  1. Awesome creation!!!! I am thinking you should fill it with doughnuts and send it my way! K? Please. Thanks!

  2. Oh Sharla, that is a cute gift box! How can you find a gift that would be better than the box….it’s a gift in itself. 🙂

  3. Thanks everyone, it was fun to put together! Angie, I’d send it your way if I thought the doughnuts would get there in one piece instead of a mushy mess!! 😉

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