Tri-fold card tutorial, its Fun Folds Week!

Tri-fold card tutorial, its Fun Folds Week!

Hello fellow crafters, it’s Anna Sigga here and I have a quick tutorial I want to share with you. This week we are sharing 5 tutorials on different ways  to fold your cards.

One fold in the middle?

Not for us! We’ll show you how to take your cards to the next level!

Tri-fold card

I love to create fancy fold cards and the tri-shutter fold is one of my all time fave and I created this lil video to show you how I made this card.


I used this cute digi stamp called Spunky Sprite to create my card.

Tri-fold card cl3

I hope this tutorial was helpful, thanks for watching!

Join us right back here tomorrow for another fun card that might make you put your left fold card to the side forever. 




  1. Wooow! This is fabulous!!
    Beautiful card also!!

  2. COOL card and great tutorial! (Anna, I love your voice!! I want to talk like you.) 🙂

  3. great card soooo pretty. I’ll have to try something like this.

  4. Sweet!! Great tutorial too! ^.^

  5. Really great idea and no die needed is even better! I love this idea! Thank you for sharing!

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