Neverending Card

Neverending Card

 Hello, girls ! It’s Mila with you.  Today is the third day of our  “Fancy Card Folding” week. I’m going to show you a step by step photo tutorial of one really different and a little bit crazy fold card. It’s called “Neverending card”. Actually it’ll take more time than a common one but it’s fun! Don’t be scary and give it a try 🙂 First time when I try this it was a great challenge for me too.

And here it ‘s my card. I used  Furry Friend MaeBoy’s Best Friend Tobie, Water Fun, Tree Branch digi stamps and sentiments from two clear sets – Puppy Love Mae and Sunny Mae.

Picture 3070 copy

This is the front side.

Picture 3076 copy

You can see how it looks on the other two sides too.

Picture 3084 copy

 The dimensions of  my card are 6×6 inch / or 15×15 cm/. For this card size you’ll need 4 piece of  color cardstock by you choice – 3×6 inch / or 7.5×15 cm/.If you prefer to make a smaller or bigger one you have to scale the dimensions proportionally. On the image below you can see how to fold your cardstock. Two like the first one and two like the second one.


Here are my four cardstock pieces ready for work.


First put two pieces closely side by side and use some double side adhesive tape on the four corners like on the picture. 


After this stick together the other two parts up to first  two.


And at the end of all these our front side of the card is ready.


Then start folding it. First have to close the two vertical parts and then the back of  card is going to look like an opened window. That’s the second side of our card.


Next step is to fold it in the center like it’s shown on the picture below.


And here you have the third side of your “Neverending  card”.    


At the end you have to open the card from the center to the sides and turned it on the back . 


That’s the fourth side of the card. You could do this how long you like and that’s why it’s called “Neverending” card.


I hope you enjoy Some Odd Girl “Fancy fold card” week and will give this card a try :) For more ideas and inspiration visit the Some Odd Girl blog tomorrow and check out the fabulous tutorials that the rest of the DT girls make.


  1. Awesome card Mila!

  2. Wow, so fun!! Love all the cute images and papers!

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