A spunky spotlight to kick off the weekend, and a winner!

A spunky spotlight to kick off the weekend, and a winner!

Morning, Odd friends, and WOOT WOOT!  We have made it to another Friday, and next week is HALLOWEEN!  Some of our Odd Girls are super excited about that (ahem, Judy!), and many of them are taking the littles out Trick-or-Treating.  What’s your Halloween tradition?

Well this may not be a very Halloweeny post (come back Monday for a Very Odd Halloween Hop!), but I have a couple of FAB spotlight projects to share that are a little different, and I’m super excited to have spotted them on our Pinterest and Instagram pages!

This first spotlight isn’t a full project, but when I tell you it jumped off the screen and INSISTED I put it up here for all to see, that is surely an understatement!  Check this out:

krisstarfish spotlight

SERIOUSLY!  1920s Kody (digi) is super dapper in his slim vest and fancy trousers and tie, but OH MY GOOMIE.  A goatee?!  What a great idea!  We certainly got a great response about Genie Kody and his facial hair, so I was extra excited when I saw this on our little Instagram roll on the sidebar.  Thank you, Krisstarfish, for sharing this with us!  I’d love to see different versions, too!  Who wants to brave a salt and pepper color scheme?  Maybe a fab fu manchu moustache?  Or how about some rockabilly burns?!  Oh, the possibilities are endless! 

Next up, some RIDIC cute critter accents for a party!

michelle markerpop spotlight

These little cuties from our Owl-Days clear stamp set come from Michelle at MarkerPop!  Everyone loves a little extra decoration when it comes to their place settings, right?  Well these might be for a birthday party, but imagine them for any fall dinner, or perhaps at Christmas time when family and friends gather to feast!  Color them in any palette and match or contrast them with your napkins!  Such a cute and simple project, but what a difference it makes when the guest sits down to enjoy their meal!  Young or old, they’re going to love it!

So there you go, folks.  Inspired?  I certainly am!  Remember that Some Odd Girl stuff isn’t JUST for card makers!  The images translate well to scrapbooking, altered items, cute home decor, jewelry and MORE!  🙂

Okay, so I leave you with TWO things. 

First, we are HOPPIN’ on Monday, and you’re invited to join us!  It’s a Trick or Treat hop with the Odd Girls, and we have inspiration and prizes and tips and stuff, so don’t miss it!  🙂  You MIGHT even catch a glimpse or two of something fun at Some Odd World..  Afraid I can’t tell you anything else about that!  😀

Second, we have a WINNAH!  Thank you for your comments on Tuesday’s new release post – I didn’t make you work for this one, for a change.  😉  But there can only be one winner, and that winner is none other than… 

Congrats, Charity, and please send an email to Kristy@someoddgirl.com and she’ll send Mae Antoinette over as soon as possibly!  Hope this gets your weekend off to a great start!  😀

Annnnnnnd we’re off!  Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Holy cow, I LOVE the goatee!!! Totally amazing and very clever!

  2. These are awesome!! Love Friday spotlights! Can’t wait to get our Halloween on next week!!

  3. That is a fantastic idea! That’s why I love the Some Odd Girl blog! I would have never thought to do that.

  4. Thank you so much as well for announcing me as the winner for Mae Antoinette!!! I am super excited and still jumping around the room with excitement as I type this 🙂

  5. I have done this with images. I’ve put a 5oclock shadow on some and also coloured the hair of the girl if I know who it is going to. I think this helps to personalize the card. And can make it a lot of fun.

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