New release with SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Comment to win!

New release with SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Comment to win!

Okie doke, Odd friends!  Leah the Orange here on a still rather warm Monday morning, and WOOT!  Welcome to our first clear release with the new Odd Girls!  You’re in for a crazy OSS treat today, so be prepared.  Seriously.

We’re kicking things off in the usual way, with the reveal of one of the new sets…  This one is called Geisha Kaylee, and she’s one of our new 3″ x 4″ sets available in the Some Odd Girl shop.  Is she not GORGEOUS?!



Our uber talented Odd Girl Katie Perry (yes, we’re graced by a celebrity 😉 ) has put together a Speed Coloring video of this sweet new girl in use. Watch all the way till the end to see the POP she puts in her coloring… 

Egads.  Yeah, told you there was something a little DIFFERENT going on today!  Here’s Katie’s finished card:

Geisha Kaylee Clear Release

 Simply GORG!

Now check out how the rest of the Odd Girls used Geisha Kaylee in their creations…





Anna Sigga

Oriental Kaylee



Geisha Kaylee - Suzanne




SO.  Stunning, right?  I’m terrified of coloring this one with that dress, but I think a little paper piecing might ease my fears just a smidge!  What do you think?  And don’t you love the little Kanji in the set?  “Friendship, Love and Happiness” is something we all can use a bit more of 🙂

Your job, now, is to leave a comment below and answer the following question:

SUSHI!  Yea or nay, and why?  🙂
(I’d also love to know what’s your fave, if you’re a sushi lover like me)

One lucky commenter will win this FANTASTIC new set!  Comment by Wednesday at midnight EST and I’ll announce winners on Friday with our next spotlight!  HAPPY MONDAY, Odd friends! 



  1. SUSHI! yeah
    I love the bar with rotating dishes, you can try it in small amounts and taste new dishes.



  2. Yea!! I love tuna roll and salmon its just so fresh! I’d love to try making my own.

    Geisha Kaylee is stunning what a beautiful image and i’m loving the accent stamps too!

  3. Absolutely stunning!!

  4. Sushi YAY!!! I love it all!!! And LOVE this stamp set!

  5. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!! (new releases that is!)

    I love sushi too! My 9 yr old grandson and I go on sushi dates, just the 2 of us. We love trying new rolls. 🙂

  6. Oh WOW ladies! Absolutely gorgeous and Katie – you are the bomb!! Seriously gorgeous.

    Sushi—eww.eww.ewwwwww.ewwwwwww (but made props to those who eat it and make it!)

  7. These are GORGEOUS!!! All of them…wow!

    Sushi if it’s cooked stuff, so maybe that’s not really sushi. LOL! My favorite is a called a burrito roll.

  8. Wow great set, love it. SUSHI YAYYYY I love me some sushi. Let me tell u yummy. I don’t know why, but it’s good. I’m picky about what type I like to eat on a regular, but I’ll try any combo at least once.

  9. Hi you ODD girls ♥
    Amazing clear stamp set and AMAZING colouring by the oh so famous Katie Perry, a fantastic crafter and Copic chick ♥
    LOVE sushi, in every way, anytime and anyplace. My favorite is salmon, since we do have some of the best salmon here in Norway 😉
    Have a wonderful day and thanks for the chance of winning.
    Hugs, Jill

  10. No I don’t like sushi but I do love this new stamp set.

  11. Wow, I love Kaylee she is my favourite character. I share your fear of the colouring but I would still try my best, could never get it that good tho.
    Mmmm Sushi, my daughter and I just love it, especially the inside out chicken and avocado one.

  12. FABULOUS cards, Odd Girls! Love the one with her naked leg sticking out of the dress… 😉

    And sushi – love, love, love! My fav is a sushi restaurant in my town that makes their sushi from local fish and vegetables. They experiment a lot and use whatever is in season in their rolls. This summer they had a roll with salmon, cream cheese, chives and RHUBARB in it! It was amazing! Sometimes they make rolls with strawberries in them, but I’ve never managed to get to try that.

  13. Wow!!! Awesome new release!!!
    AWESOME projects, Ladies!! Totally love ’em!!
    Can’t wait to see your next projects!! Exciting!!

  14. FABULOUS ladies! Love the new set and all your different styles!

    Sushi-NO, I’m not a seafoodie at all, with a few exceptions (shrimp) I tried a Nevada roll before and didn’t care for it, I won’t even try the uncooked kind….

  15. Sushi…..sometimes as long as it is cooked. I love the new Geisha Kaylee and Katie’s speed coloring vid! Great examples all!

  16. She is so gorgeous and I have the perfect papers for her!
    Sushi – heck yes! I love kappa maki and teka maki and California roll!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  17. She is so pretty and exotic!! Wowzers! Love the DT cards! I have never tried sushi but want to–just don’t know what to try first and where! LOL!

  18. I love stamp she so pretty. the DT cards turned out beautiful thanks for chance to win

  19. love love love them!!! You guys are awesome 🙂

  20. So gorgeous! Love this one, she’s so pretty! nay on the sushi, I’m not big on raw fish.

  21. ooo finally is she out
    love her
    great work ladies!!

    never eat i dont know

  22. Fantastic stamp set! I love the kanji symbols, too! I have to say “nay” on sushi. Something about the texture. I once had to go to a sushi restaurant for business. I ordered a fruit plate, so I guess my favorite sushi is fruit? 🙂

  23. Wonderful stamp.
    Hmmm….good question.
    I allways wanted to try sushi, but I never did, since today.
    My fellow loves salmon sushi, so I think it’s just a matter of time till I will try 😉

  24. Beautiful stamp thanks for the chance to win it…
    Sushi nah. I always buy it for my kids and hubby but I just have never developed a liking for it.

  25. I loooooooove sushi! I could eat it everyday if I had the money. I love anything spicy like a spicy crunch roll.

  26. .. She is just Fabulous.. Great work from the DT…Yeah for Suushi.. I love ‘California roll and the ‘spicy tuna’..

  27. wow!!! i love it!!!!!!! i love sushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 🙂 sorry for my english! hugs from Italy!

  28. Amazing set. Love what the DT has created as well! I have never tried Sushi. I can’t get past the fact that it’s raw. 🙂

  29. Sushi is one of my faves. I love the new stamps they’re yummy!!! 🙂

  30. um…..WOW!!!! I’m speechless—and that’s not often! 🙂

    Sushi—YAY!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! we all love it so much in my family, that we actually learnt how to make it at home…so dang good (and easy fun!!)! I really like Californian roll and Spider Roll (soft-shell crab, crab, avocado and cucumber with spicy sauce ); all my guys enjoy all the other varieties, especially the spicy…and the five fish types (i think it’s rainbow??)

  31. OMG she is Gorgeous and the DT rock showing her off!!! I like sushi!!! The crunch roll is my FAVE!!!

  32. Such beautiful work here! Katie, OhEmGee with the cool black and white and BLAM! And Suzanne, I love your exposed leg take on the stamp!

    *Ew Face* to the sushi…it’s not for me…unless it’s made of candy…I’ve made sushi using rice crispy treats, fruit rollups and Swedish Fish that I’d eat. Otherwise, I have a seafood allergy and seaweed makes me cringe. *Giggle*

  33. wow! love the work… and that gray coloring… DIVINE!

  34. Love the new Set!! Sushi is a total yess for me’s actually my favorite roll of choice is the California eel roll. ( now I’m working up an appetite) lol. Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Love the new images 🙂 Love Sushi too :-)) Pretty much like any but my fave is salmon and avocado; I bought a nifty sushi “press” and make it for Sunday afternoon snacks, mmmm getting hungry lol. Donna xx

  36. Love, love this set!
    Sushi-Nay! Actually, never had it, but have you ever watched the show Monsters Inside Me. ? Long, scary story short, and deal sealer for me the guy on this one episode got a remote, super-unlikey to happen, parasite from the raw salmon at a sushi place… Also, I do not live anywhere near anyplace that serves sushi, so I am not tempted to try ;]

  37. Yah to Sushi Love it !! Tuna sushi and tofu Rolls with little extra wasbi for the heat 🙂 mmm
    thanks for the chance
    hugs Nikki

  38. Absolutely gorgeous new stamp! I like sushi rolls okay but not sashimi. It’s not my favorite food but I will eat it.

  39. I love the stamp. She is so cute!

    I’ve only had sushi once- years ago. I liked it, but I don’t remember all I ate!

  40. Swoon!!! She is just incredibly gorgeous! Love the sentiments that come with the set, too!
    Definite YAY on the Sushi – eat it whenever I can. Spicy tuna rolls are my fave!

  41. Beautiful stamp! For me sushi is totally a NAY! LOL! I love seafood but it needs to be cooked first. People have told me you can get cooked sushi, but I have never seen it. I do love the outer wrap of sushi though 🙂

  42. NAY! Just can’t bring myself to eat. Beautiful cards.

  43. Sushi? Nay… I tried it once and I really didn’t like it!

  44. I love this gorgeous kaylee and Katie’s monochrome colouring with a splash is fantastic. I love sushi! Have it usually a couple of times a week. My favourite is fresh salmon.

  45. I adore sushi, unfortunately, I cannot eat a full one anymore… I can only get about 3/4 the way through a sushi hand roll, before I become bloated from too much rice…. 🙁

  46. Beautiful stamp and beautiful cards made by the team 🙂

  47. This is such a beautiful stamp set. I LOVE what the design team did with them. What amazing colouring jobs. 😀

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