Moulin Mae will knock your socks off! Comment to win!

Moulin Mae will knock your socks off! Comment to win!


Hiya, Oddies!   It’s day 3 of our clear release, and we’re going super classy and sassy today with this young lady!  It’s only fitting that we’ve got all our girls dressed up in snazzy costumes, given that Halloween is right around the corner, right?  Leah the Orange here, reporting for duty.  And today, Mae makes an appearance, and she is looking absolutely DIVINE as the star of the stage… 

This gorgeous showgirl is MOULIN MAE!

Moulin-Mae-Some-Odd-Girl Yep, we went for some fun puns with the sentiments on this Clear Stamp, and I can just see all the amazing papers you’ll be using with this set! 

We have another video tutorial to go along with this beauty! Katie Perry is back and shares a fun technique on getting a Watercolor look with your Alcohol Markers…


and here is Katie‘s finished card and coloring using the technique

Moulin Mae Release



Pretty dang cool eh? Ready to see what the Odd Girls did to showcase this beauty?  Let’s check ’em out!





Moulin Mae - Suzanne

 Anna Sigga






Fab.  LOVE THEM.  Love her?  Want to win her?  Well I have a question for you (surprise!)…

If you could go back and spend some time in ANY era, what would you choose?  Roaring Twenties?  ’80s?  Edwardian?  Victorian?  ’70s?  The ’50s, when music was cute and innocent and a date was sharing a shake at the five and dime?  Tell me in a comment below by TONIGHT at midnight EST, and you might be our winner! 

You might also want to go back to yesterday’s post and Monday’s post to comment on THOSE, too, because we have 3 fun sets to give away, but the clock’s tickin’, kids!  🙂  And with that, I’m off!  Back tomorrow with a little spotlight on our awesome DIGI and CUT FILE RELEASE for this week, so I’ll see ya then!  😀  Enjoy your hump day, Odd friends, and I hope you’ve been inspired by our team’s creations so far this week!


  1. Hmm which era… I’d love to see the 50’s… Although, in the same breath, I think I’d dig the 80’s too, with the big hair!

  2. Beautiful designs ladies! If I could go back in time, I would go to the California Gold Rush era (1840’s ish). Adventure, exploration, the desert, cowboys and horses. I sooo wish I could have been there.

  3. if I could go back, I would choose the 30s, women were beautiful, and they danced the Charleston, I love this time.
    This beautiful stamp me thinking about those years

  4. Oh gosh, to pick just one era is hard but the one I’d want to go to the most would be the 80’s. I loved the neon, big hair, ruffled skirts, and tight jeans plus the music was awesome! I have to say the 50’s were a close 2nd though because I’ve always wanted to wear the poodle skirts and saddle shoes 🙂 I love the 50’s music too!

  5. I think I would choose the ’50s – just because of the fashion (Rockabilly, petticoats, blue jeans …)
    And Moulin Mae is a real beauty – love all the beautiful creations of the DT. Well done!
    Hugs, Anja

  6. Fanatastic colouring from all your team these are all stunning. love the corset !!!
    I would love to see the 1960’s all the fun dressing up in all those bright colours would be a blast and just throwing your hair in a pony tail and off you go so easy without alot of fuss 🙂
    hugs Nikki

  7. She’s fun and pretty! I would go back to Victorian time in a heartbeat!

  8. Oh la la la! You all did a fantastic job with this awesome set! I’d have to say the 50’s or 60’s for me.

  9. YOWZA!!! Ohh LaLa!!!! WOW!! Love this!
    Which era?? I have always been fascinated with the roarin’ 20’s!!

  10. Amazing inspiration ladies! I’d love to go back to Medieval times 🙂

  11. Wow…such fabulous cards! Katie, love the video!

    I love all things Medieval, so would love to visit that time!

  12. This is just adorable!! Now I want her too. I love what the design team created. So many options!

  13. Forgot to say it would be wonderful to go back to the 50s then I could watch my parents during a time of great rock and roll playing inside devine diners. What a fun time. Or so it seems!

  14. Victorian would be my choice! this stamp s so adorable with the pleats and the feather!

  15. I love this stamp! She is so pretty! Love the DTs projects! I would love to go back to the 1920s. As women had gained the right to vote at this time. The prohibition was going on so I would’ve loved to visit an underground speakeasy! The fashion was pretty great too, I would’ve love to have been a flapper girl!:)

  16. These are all so great, ladies!! Katie, I want to lick your card. For reals. Go back to a different era? Hm….I think Victorian for me. I love a crazy bustle!

  17. Gorgeous!!!! beautiful cards!!
    I have always LOVED the 50’s-60’s classic styles all around…very creative thinking back then

  18. I think the roaring ’20s would be a blast. Love the new stamps.

  19. Amazing cards! I’m loving the new clear stamp sets. 🙂 As long as it’s just for a visit, I’d love to see what the middle ages were really like (that’s my area of study).

  20. I’d pick Bible times – esp. when Jesus was doing his ministry. I would love to see him interact with people, speak and heal.

  21. Wow, she is beautiful.
    I think it would be great to have a trip back to the 20’s or the 60’s because live was so different to today.

  22. I LOVE her!!!! I would love to go back to the Edwardian or Victorian times! I love the clothes!!

  23. Love Moulin mae look at all those ruffles to colour. I think I would like to go back to the middle ages – time of knights and chivalry (but only if they had better plumbing).

  24. I guess I am to late to comment to win this, but I just have to anyhow!!
    WOW Kristy, what a image!
    And what a colouring and cardmaking talent by your team! You really rocks ♥♥
    I must say I like being right here, right now and wouldn’t change a thing. So that is my answar to the question 😉
    Love, jill

  25. very cool stamp.

  26. oelaalaaaaaa
    she is a hotty!!!
    i want to go back to the 80’s
    young madonna..i was a big fan with posters on a wall and i had a map with a lot of pictures
    and ofcourse michael jackson, george michael, prince

  27. Unbelievable… your such a huge bunch of talents!!! Inspiration definitively swapped over to me now… Moulin Mae is such a gorgeous can-can girl!!! LOVE HER!!!

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