Kaylee is a Steampunkrocker! Comment to win this new release!

Kaylee is a Steampunkrocker! Comment to win this new release!

Welcome back, Odd friends!  Leah here, VERY happy to be joining you with another fun set from this week’s CLEAR STAMP RELEASE!  Yesterday’s Geisha Kaylee was ridiculously GORGEOUS, was she not?  And our Odd Girls certainly rocked their creations and gave her the attention she deserved. 

Well today’s reveal is something slightly different!  This one’s not afraid to be herself and show that edgy, confident side.  She’s strong and independent, she’s a free-thinker, she’s clever and very resourceful…

Say hello to Steampunk Kaylee! 



Today we have a tutorial video showing you how to color her massive wrench to make it look old and rusty

Did you like getting down and dirty… or inky… with Kaylee? I hope so!

This is how Odd Girls rock the edgy…

Suzanne Steampunk Kaylee by Suzanne Bier




Anna Sigga

Get in Gear



 LOVE how everyone incorporate the gear stamps into their backgrounds, and I love how we cover grungy and distressed to bold, bright and graphic!  Just another example of the versatility of Some Odd Girl stamps, and why it’s totally okay to do something OTHER than the expected!  (We certainly do!)

Okay.  So.  You totally wanna win this set, right?  Well all righty then! 

Leave me a comment below and tell me who you turn to when you need help getting something fixed! 

That’s all.  Piece of cake.  ONE lucky commenter will get Steampunk Kaylee delivered to their doorstep!  Wednesday night at midnight EST is your deadline for all THREE of this week’s reveals, so if you haven’t already, go to yesterday’s post and answer the question, and then come back tomorrow for one more!  😀



  1. Love your stamp!! Thank you for the chance! …who do I turn to …hmmm my neighbors are very good to us when we need help ..in fact a couple years back one of them taught me how to build my deck in a weekend..love my deck and loved working with power tools lol

  2. LOVE this set so much! The person I turn to is my Dad – he can fix anything 🙂 That’s why we call him CraftyDad 😀

  3. Lovely stamp, love the cards. I always turn to my husband to fix things if he can’t fix it then my brother-in-law.

  4. Love this stamp! She’s so cool! I turn to my mom when I need something fixed. She’s really handy with computers and just fixing things in general:)

  5. love the inspiration, and can tell this set is going to be totally perfect set for all my friends 🙂

  6. I absolutely adore this new stamp and the DTs wonderful cards! Who I turn to depends on what needs to be fixed….sometimes I am the fixer, sometimes my hubby and sometimes a local professional.

  7. i love this stamp , she s very beautiful

    when i need some help to fix something i call my husband to help me , he s very clever

    thanks for all

  8. Kewl Creations everyone did with this adorable stamp
    I turn to my DH he’s a just fantastic and is mostly who I need for help, but there are always friends too when he’s not around 🙂
    thank for the chance

  9. So cute! Love this stamp and the DT projects, those gears are so cool! I turn to my husband who likes to fix what is broken and is pretty good at the fixin too! 🙂

  10. Cant wait to get this stamp to get a chance to color her! Love it!

  11. This is adorable. The DT did a fabulous job! When I need something fixed I am usually the one doing it. Especially computer issues. But if it is car related I leave that to my husband.

  12. Amazing stuff ladies- love all the creativity! You can definitely tell I’m a single girl- stuff needs fixin’ I try to do it- you kind find how to’s for almost anything on Youtube…or I call the landlord 🙂

  13. Ooh I loved Jenn’s brightly coloured card. I usually get my husband to fix things but if he is a bit lazy I ask someone else and then he gets his but into gear.

  14. She is amazing!! Love her! When hubby was in the army and gone often I learned to turn to myself to get things fixed but now that he’s around all the time I turn to him! 🙂

  15. very cool stamp image

  16. She is just soooo cool!
    I call my Dad when I need help with tool-things, like putting up shelves or fixing my car. When the fixing is about clothes and curtains, it’s Mom I call for. My parents is the ultimate fixing team, they can do anything, including catering weddings! 🙂

  17. ooohh—she’s so cool! Depending on what needs to get fixed,if it’s non-technological, then my DH–he’s a jack of all trades; if it’s concerning technology, usually one of my teen sons. Other than that, I am pretty independent , and will try to fix it myself…Also because I hate waiting!

  18. Awesome cards, ladies!!
    Wow!!! You totally rocked this new Kaylee!!

  19. Totally awesome creations by the DT to rock out the new Kaylee!! Love her and her big wrench!!

    Always go to the hubs when I need something fixed – he’s my Mr. Fix It for sure!

  20. Swoon!!! She is just incredibly gorgeous! Love the sentiments that come with the set, too!
    Definite YAY on the Sushi – eat it whenever I can. Spicy tuna rolls are my fave!

  21. So cute! Love all the designs! I have to say I’m pretty stubborn and want to do it all myself so if I absolutely can’t fix it and I have tried all my options, then I turn to my husband. He is absolutely the best at fixing mechanical stuff 🙂

  22. Woooow I love this stamp and all ispiration card!

    Big hugs, SOG Ladies!

  23. These cards are so cute. This is the first time I’ve been to your site. Can’t wait to check
    out your other stamps.

  24. What a fun image! Amazing projects!

  25. I LOVE her!!!! She’s so edgy and cute!! I hate to admit it, but when something breaks and needs fixing, I look for my friend google.com My friend is pretty knowledgable from what I can tell, but sometimes its unpredictable 🙂

  26. I turn to my hubby when I need something fixed. 😀

    She is very cute!

  27. She looks fantastic! Yay for another awesome Kaylee! When I need something fixed, I go to my big bro, since it’s usually electronic related and he’s a whiz at that stuff. 😀

  28. Wow! I love the stamp! I always turn to myself when I need to get something fixed. I research it on the internet and if I cannot get it done alone, I enlist my 27 yo son. If we cannot get it done, I give in and hire someone. 🙂

  29. Very cool new stamp! When something breaks around our house I usually turn to hubby…. Who then usually turns to youtube! You can fix almost anything with tutorials on YouTube,

  30. Steampunk Kaylee is awesome. I always turn to my hubby when I need something fixed. He can fix anything electronic, electrical, mechanical, computer software and hardware, sewing repairs – even has some great home remedies for minor ailments.

  31. Oops, missed the question… I’m a total daddy’s girl (no man about the house yet), so my dad is the one I turn to in times of trouble, and things need fixing!

  32. Super cool stamp 🙂 love the design

  33. heee hello
    she is so cool!!
    and my boyfriend is the one when i need something fixed

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